Friday, August 8, 2008

Please detour

As previously noted me and Tyler had a appointment this morning in Phoenix today. We got up in plenty of time to make the trip and even had time for a early morning date for Ty for breakfast. (We were out of oatmeal and waffles, the staples of my 2 year old) Anyway, we left an hour before our appointment even though 45 minutes is PLENTY of time in the middle of the morning.

As we started everything was going smoothly. The 60 was going great and I noticed the signs saying that the 17 was closed. ( I get that you out of staters have NO idea what I am talking about.) The US 60 is a SIX LANE freeway. It turns into the I-10 that takes you into downtown and has a spaghetti bowl of sorts to send people to Tucson, Flagstaff and L.A. Well one of the L.A/Flagstaff freeways was closed. Some how that made it so that they closed off the main freeway into downtown. However, the sign didn't say that.

The stop and go traffic somehow took us off the main road and onto a surrounding freeway and right into downtown ghetto. I have no idea how the heck to get a round and I feel the panic rising. I do the best I can to get right back on the freeway and head back home.

We rescheduled till Monday where hopefully the traffic with comply with Tyler and I.

Just for my moms laughing pleasure...... I have a cold sore! I was going to call and complain but thought I would just tell you here. It hurts like a beast and I look horrible. One side of my nose is HUGE!! WHY ME?

I am going to take a picture of my "outbreak" so you all in bloggy world can see my pain!


Tammy said...

oh, please do! I am so glad that I don't get them like I use to. Josh broke out with one this morning!

Grandma Labrum said...

And what makes you think I would laugh at that? You and your Grandpa Ware. Did I tell you my Great-Grandma Ware.....I bet I did! I remember getting her medicine.....oh, I told you that, too? OK. Tammy, watch out, you might get one! Dad has one coming on but that is because he went to the dentist and the instruments make him break out. Oh, Nancy, you went to the dentist too. Strange, isn't it? Labrum, Ware....Labrum, Ware........