Friday, August 8, 2008

Orthotics again?

We are heading into the "big city" of Phoenix tomorrow to be fitted for different kinds of braces on Ty's feet. While he seems to have gotten out of the habit of being on his tippy toes his arch is collapsing and he grips with his toes. He has awesome balance for someone who has such bad muscle tone.

So first thing in the morning we are heading into the city. I have no idea if we are being re= casted for a 3rd time or if they will do something else.

One thing we are also noticing is how bad his eye is turning. I think I will be calling the doc for a new script to purchase another set of glasses to see if we can't help out this kids eye sight. Grandma Brown seems to be the only person that can keep glasses on my kid. Guess she will have to move in.

( oh and for the record.. The "list" as kinda a joke. While I would "love" to spend that kind of money I would never use it.I would much prefer the last ones!!! HONESTLY!!)

As for the rest of us.. we are boring. Ty is taking us for a ride and we are having a great time. He is a blast.

Something funny. He has really been fighting me in the afternoon from putting on a diaper. He doesn't want one and would rather be naked. Anyway he headed into the bathroom and and opened the toilet and peed.. Yep! But not IN the toilet, around the toilet. He got some toilet paper and put it in the toilet.

So we are buying a little potty chair and seeing how it goes. I don't have many expectations that it will work but a mom can dream huh!!


Grandma Labrum said...

So he curls his toes? A true Ware! Most of us cannot walk or sit without curling our toes under. Maybe it is heredity.

Tammy said...

I curl my toes and Koy curls his toes and so does Kayden!

Aunt Nicky said...

I curl my toes! It's a Ware thing!

Chantel said...

I will mail you Maxwell if you get Ty to go on the potty!! Good Luck!

Tiffini said...

Oh my gosh that is awesome that he's showing an interest in going potty. At least he knows where to go. Good luck with the potty chair. That is so awesome!!

Nancy Brown said...

Just so you "wares" understand, he GRIPS with hsi toes, not just curls them.. its totally different, but nice try you crazy people.