Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh no!

About 2 weeks ago Dallas got sick. He stayed home from work one day and slept. Worked from home the next day an took it kinda easy and said he felt better. About a week later I got a sore throat. I was super sick on Monday and came home early and slept on Tuesday ( Thank you Dallas, I really needed it) Felt much better on Wednesday and started getting my cold sore on Thursday. Today it is MUCH better and I have taken better care of it by washing it with warm water and soap and adding some meds and zovirax to the mix.

While at work Dallas let me know that Ty was pretty sick. Last night Ty slept HORRIBLE. It was not pleasant while awake either. He ended up sleeping with us and was not very restful. I wondered what was up.

Well he is sick and Dallas did a wonderful job of taking care of him. Hopefully tomorrow we all feel a little better and we can get better faster.


Ashley said...

I hope that you guys are all feeling better.

Aimee said...

We all got sick last weekend too and Jake got a cold sore after--still has it. Weird