Saturday, July 19, 2008

You know those amazing weeks......

Well it was definitely a good one. We had a amazing week this week and nothing horribly spectacular happened. No winning lottery ticket. No wild and crazy parties. Just good old fashioned family fun!!

Our new friends in our ward had us over for a play date this week. It was so fun to see Ty interact and be considered the "normal" kid. We had Caden's developmental specialist there ad had another kid with Autism there. Ty was trying to interact with them but because of their "issues" they wouldn't. He had such a good time with Caden when he played ball with him. They are so cute! We are excited for a play date next week and a birthday party on Saturday.

Tuesday we had a eye exam and a pediatrician visit for the go ahead on his dental work. The ped visit was first. WE had talked about just doing his well "baby" visit but found that there was NOTHING until the middle of August. Well I want his teeth done before school so I told her that "since there is nothing till August I guess we are sick!" I don't' think the nurse was impressed but I knew it would be fine with the Doc. He came in asking what was wrong with Ty and I said nothing. And we had his Well "baby" exam and we got the ok for his dental work.

The eye exam was a tough one. We had to dilate Ty's eyes and that makes for a LONG visit. We went to Target and hit up the dollar section and got some new toys including a ball and he handled it really well. The good news is.. He still has eyes. The other news is not much has changed. They are watching one of his eyes for strabismus but I don't think it is. But we will see. I can order a new pair of glasses if I think it is necessary right now. His last pair is still going but will soon need a new one if he continues ripping them of his face.

Physical therapy was kinda blah this week. Ty was not a happy dude. He cried through the whole thing except when we were leaving and going. He likes to push the buttons on the elevator and he only gets to do it if he uses his walker. So he was a happy kid.

I also decided to sign Ty up for swimming lessons. He loves the water and he loves that he can move around. So Thursday we headed to Aqua Tots for his lesson. When we got there it was canceled. Some little kid had an "incident" in the pool and it was closed. BUT don't worry... Makeup lesson the next day. ( incident is not pee-pee)

When I pulled back into the drive way with Ty and us not being able to go swimming he was so upset. HE started to cry until I told him we had bought him soda. He was so sad. But his dad made him feel much better.

Friday was a great day. We went and did our makeup swimming lesson. He goes under the water. He blows bubbles. He jumps in the pool. He floats on his back. He screams with Joy, he kicks his legs. He splashes water all over. He is in heaven. And he is sad when he has to get out. He LOVES the water. I can't wait till he turns three in order for him to get water therapy ( that can't be taken away) and music therapy.

I ran a few errand and mailed some stuff. So be waiting everyone who has stuff coming. Lily, mom, crystal and Barrett. BUT Barrett, yours is going to mom since I never got a email with your address.

Tonight Dallas and I went on a amazing night out together. We had reservation at Rio Sabor and ate an amazing dinner. We browsed a few bookstores before heading over to ASU area for a Comedy Show. We have never done one together so we decided it was different and we got tickets. We saw Josh Blue. He is the winner from last seasons last comic standing. He also has cerebral palsy and was just a riot and we laughed so hard. He is so funny and well worth waiting for.

Spending time with Dallas is so much fun and a well needed break from "real Life" and spend a night remembering why you fell in love.

On Another note. I came home from work last week ( Saturday I believe) and Dallas wouldn't let me in his office and sent me in to take a bath. I was a little "pissed" and spent the time in the tub searching for clues in our various bank accounts for what he happened to purchase as a "surprise" Well, after my bath he gave me my gift. A brand new Mac book. I LOVE IT!! I more than love it. I am a true convert to Apple. I am so proud of Dallas and how great he is. He is doing so well with his new business. I am so glad we have been paying off our stuff and getting out of debt and then to be able to buy without going further into debt. He is working so hard and I love him so much.

Here is to next week. Hoping we can make is as great as this week.


Grandma Labrum said...

Sounds like he is a busy boy! I love to hear him squeal when you talk on the phone.

Aunt Nicky said...

don't lie, ty does not like water! :) I love my TyTy.. Oh yeah, Dr Anderson asked about you this week. I love going there and they don't ask about ME at MY appointment.. They see me and all the nurses say "NICKY!!! How is Nancy and the baby" "How do they like AZ" yeah, my coversation is always about YOU! You attention stealer!!! :) (you can have that attention if you really want it)

Jen said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a great week. I'm glad they had a makeup day at the pool so Ty was able to go swimming :) He's so darn cute!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you had a great week. :-D

Leeann said...

Sounds like he has been busy and loving it! I would love to see him in the water.