Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Should be WORDLESS but isn't Wednesday

Ty has fallen in love with Animals. He HATED this horse for almost 2 years. Now they are friends. He even kisses it. He even likes to ride it!

A few weeks ago we had a HUGE fire over by Yuma. It made some really amazing sunsets and some really yucky air. Although it isn't the greatest picture it was a awesome site!

Ty has decided that watching movies with his dad is way better than watching them on his own. Dad is a good sport even if he HATES ....HATES barney. This picture is Ty hanging on Dads chair while dad is "out of the office"

Ty still in the office. He was so cute being the office man!

You remember the night that he was NOT sleeping and was playing instead. Well this is what he was doing.

I tried to get him to go to sleep on the floor with me but he wouldn't have it. He was so pleasant so I wasn't to upset.

He wanted to go out and play but he couldn't go out front because he wouldn't use his walker. He brought me his shoes but didn't want pants. So here he is, throwing rocks.

Him and his dad. They were staking out the apple store till Francis got there. She had Ty till I got home. They were having so much fun. I was surprised that Ty stayed awake. He had spent the last 4 hours swimming!

Playing in the buff with the apple box. He won't stay out of that office!! And he won't let me put on a bum!

Sorry for the picture overload. I promise to do better. Stay tuned for way fun pictures in a more timely manner!

Happy Wordless Wednesday ( with explanation!)


catsynth said...

That first photo is really cute. It's great when kids love animals - and it seems pretty natural when they do.

We had some spectacular sunsets here from the California wildfires a couple of weeks ago. Indeed it was a subject of a past Wordless Wednesday. Still, we would prefer they weren't happening.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

We have had so much smoke here in Northern Ca. That dark orangey-red sun is all too familiar a sight this past 6 weeks.

Little Miss Lexi said...

You should let tyty rite on my blog. Guss what we half to wear for the gale family pics. white shirts. AAAAAAAAAAAA.Koy is trouble. Were going to my uncle Tod's . I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Aunt Nicky said...

My lil man is getting so big! Thanks for posting pics.. I'm still waiting for the pics you took while here in Utah... :)