Sunday, June 29, 2008

The week.

Yes there were frequent updates and that is good. Why is that good? I hate that all you people who I read don't update but once a week. So start typing so I can stalk and read you.

My most interesting stuff happened at the end of the week. However, I LOVE getting packages ( Hint to anyone who wants to send me stuff!!) and have now become a frequent stop by all of the mail carriers in the area. I have received packages this week from EBay, Overstock, some random electronic place ( yeah not mine) and another from amazon. So yep we are friends with them all. To bad they doorbell ditch!!

So what did I get? Amazon I ordered a few new books. I have enjoyed a series from a lady named Beverly Lewis. She writes about an Amish community and I am on the last of a 3 part series. I really like them

Got one from Jodi Picoult and can't wait ti try it. And of course a Baby Einstein. It is a puzzle shape book. And I have currently found the triangle and square in the kitchen. Not where it is suppose to be.

EBAY!! I love that thing. Now, you can't laugh at my purchase. ( Well you can but be nice) I won a auction for the re-release of .......... Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies." 20 year anniversary on DVD. Why you ask... I needed a workout video that I can do with Ty. I need to start moving so I can have a lower risk of early delivery ( when I decide to have a baby.. I mean WE decide to have a baby) Man it brings back memories... Miss Barnes !!!!!

Overstock brought me my bed set. Love it. Better than I thought it would be. The bed skirt was a queen and not a king so they are sending me a new one. But everything else is great and I love it.

The rest of the stuff was Dallas' and I am sure he enjoyed every bit of it.

The rest of week was kinda blah till Friday. Friday was SOOOO funny.

Dallas has a issue with is neck. A bulging disc or something like that. You can read about it on his blog and what they do for it. Anyway he had another procedure done to help it feel better. He has done this before and this time was a little different. It early early. (For those that don't know us or him we do NOT do early early. ) He was way more out of it. They came to get me to try and get him to wake up. The started asking him questions. Random ones and he would try to answer and then fall asleep. It was so funny to watch.

As they sat there they asked me to help him get dressed. He had on a hospital gown and I went to untie it in the back. Got it off and started to help him take it off. He grabbed my arm and said "ok baby, now it is your turn to take something off!" I snickered and you could hear giggles from behind the sound proof curtain. He then put his hand on my cheek and said "I love you baby" he was so "not" Dallas. It was SOOOOO funny .

As they started asking him questions again they asked him how big his baby was. He said 1.5 oz. I corrected him and he looked at me kinda sternly and said " I guess it depends on who you ask"

He was so funny. He told me he wanted toast for breakfast but couldn't stay awake long enough. He finally got enough sleep to function and was back to Dallas. He was so funny.

I also was able to clean the kitchen from top to bottom, the front room from ceiling to floor and part of the outside with Dallas. Ty spent the day in and out and LOVED it. We had to take a shopping trip to walmart where I was able to get Ty's glasses fixed and get new pillows for the bed and off course groceries. Ty loves the store. Every cashier comes out to see him and the bakery and deli people always gives him cookies.He wore his glasses so he was nice and perky and looking all over.

Today I worked and Dallas was so kind to let me sleep in. It was so nice of him. Ty decided to be super clumsy and fell a lot today and got owies ( or BOO BOO's) but took them in stride. Dallas and Ty surprised me at work and Ty wanted to get down. I set him down by a register and he WALKED over to the soda case and opened it. I was so excited to see him walk that he got a soda!!

Anyway.. that is the story of us this week. If you made it to the end I hope you laughed like we did. Good night and hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Aunt Nicky said...

Dallas better be careful what he says now! :) LOL, can I make fun of him :) Ty is so cute! I miss him! Good for him that he walked over and that he got his priorities straight and got that soda! :) That means we taught him well! AND, My life is boring, so I have to live my life through you guys. so I am not going to post more! so HA! lol

Aimee said...

I can still remember the actions to "Come on, come on, down dooby do down down. Come on come on down dooby do down down. Breaking up is hard toooooooo do."
Thanks Ms Barnes.
And if the book by Jodi Piccult is "Plain Truth" I just picked it up the other day and I'm almost done with's pretty good.

Jen said...

I was laughing all over again! The story of Dallas is hilarious! I'm glad you had a great week with lots of fun things arriving in the mail! AWESOME!

Tammy said...

I love Jodi Picoult. I have read Plain Truth, great one, I am reading The Pact and have many others waiting to go.

Oh yes, Miss Barnes and Richard Simmons the highlight of Junior High!!!!

Andrea, MPA, JD, MRS said...

Hi Nancy! I hope you don't mind--but I'd like to read your blog. :-D

I just posted a comment on another of your posts too:


I remember all those Ms. Barnes' PE classes too. *shaking my head, shaking my head*

By the way--I too, LOVE getting packages. ;-)