Friday, July 4, 2008

A million thoughts are going through my head. Where to start.. I can't even begin to think!!!

Random thoughts:

1. Humidity is not fun. Humidity in 113 degree weather SUCKS. Our work has its temperature regulated by Arkansas. Um... They don't get it here. IT IS HOT! The temp in the store....78 degrees, Not cool.

2. Transitioning to Preschool is getting me a little worried and uptight. I hope that it is a good move for Tyler. Still not sure how to put him on a bus at the size that he is.

3. My endometriomas are back with a vengeance. I have been so sick today. Back to needing and wanting to use my porcelain throne all day. I wish there was some way of fixing it short of taking all the plumbing out.

I guess those are all the thoughts I have right now. Or at least the ones I feel like writing... for now!

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