Monday, June 2, 2008

Full day of FUN!!

Man what an ordeal to get to Vegas. Sunday morning our flight to Utah left WITHOUT US!!! Yep.. we were still in the line getting searched. And because we have a baby and brought " liquids" we had to have our diaper bag searched. Anyway, we missed the flight but Southwest got us right on the next one and hour or so later. We arrived in Utah around 1 only to find that our bags that were suppose to arrive on the correct earlier flight had only half arrived so we had to wait and see if they were on the second flight.

We got our luggage and took off to granny and papa's house. We had a wonderful time visiting and we got in a few hours of family time. We also met Cousin Noah for the first time ( which is sad.. he is almost 1) We had been preparing Tyler for meeting Noah when we would watch Barney that had a Noah on it. But he was NOT prepared to have mom and dad hold a baby other than him and he got a little upset. Which he quickly got over when Noah tried to touch him!

Ty took to his old cat Daisy and grabbed her pretty hard. But miss Daisy was a good sport and just sat there. We ate a great dinner made by Grandma and grandpa and visited some more. Tyler fell asleep and we decided it was better to leave him while he was asleep.

We got on the plane and headed to a quiet vacation. We arrived in Vegas, caught a shuttle and checked in. We are staying in the MGM grand. We have a great room with a huge and comfy King bed. We headed into the Casino/hotel to see the stores and shops and stuff. It is a very nice hotel.

We saw the lion habitat here in the hotel and hen walked through the shops. Took Dallas to the slots and hung out together. Being the "old Married couple" we are I headed into the room while Dallas stayed out and did what he wanted and took a well needed sleep. Somewhere in the course of our trip I caught something and I am kinda not feeling up to par. I have a small sore throat that is pretty much gone now and a nice stuffy nose. So the sleep that I got was well needed.

This morning we slept in. There was no little boy ;( to wake ups up but we had a wonderful vacation to sleep in and enjoy the day. We headed outside and took a little walk down the strip where we shopped, browsed and enjoy the day.

Tonight I am heading back out after my dinner and walking around and getting some pictures and Dallas is doing his thing. I am sure I will call it a night early and read my book and have some quiet. To me that is the MOST rewarding vacation.

Next on the agenda.. a show and more site seeing. Oh and the grand pool here at the MGM.

Any suggestions of things to see and places to go?


Aunt Nicky said...

I know what you can do!!!!!!


Crystal said...

I'm with Nicky!!!