Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates ( grandma!) Life had been kinda busy and not fun ;( but we are on the mend and ready for vacation!

Saturday during the day I noticed that Ty was kinda off a little. I went to work and our respite worker said he felt like he had a fever and a few hours later Dallas texted me and said that Ty had puked. It had been going around the store so I wasn't horribly shocked but a little shocked cause Ty rarely gets sick.

Saturday night and onto Sunday he was VERY clingy and gaggy. He wouldn't eat and he wouldn't do anything just kinda sat around and laid around. I went to get ready for work and Ty had a fit that I would be leaving so I stayed and held my baby all afternoon. Monday was about the same as far as clingy baby. But he seemed to be done gagging. We did notice a little coughing.

Tuesday we realized he had the same cold I had/have and we have been just dealing with the gagging that comes with not knowing what to do with the gunk that comes up with it. He seemed to be doing much better.

Today, holy can't wait for vacation. He is so crabby today. He wants to be held and snuggled and then he gets mad. It is so frustrating. Thinking back I felt pretty horrible a day or 2 before I felt wonderful. So I am sure he is on the mend. If not.. sorry grandma he will want to snuggle!!

As for me and Dallas... well same old stuff different day. I am glad that tonight is my last night of work till we get back from vacation. It is a much needed break!


Aunt Nicky said...

What about Aunt Nicky, does she not get to snuggle? Grandma Brown, I want to snuggle with TyTy! Is that ok? I will be GLAD to take him off your hands! :) Can't wait to see you guys!

Crystal said...

I have some Bloggy Love for you over at Memoirs of a Mommy