Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The best three years... and forever to come!

Today is our 3rd anniversary. What a great and wonderful three years it has been. Most who know me and Dallas know our story. And most know all we have been through. Those that don't ... well now you will.

It started like this!!

My story: I went on a mission and got back around 2003. I moved back to Provo and jumped right into working and school. I was waiting for my "missionary" to come home and then we would start our life together. Well that SO didn't work. The missionary was an off and on again thing. It was a mess and he was a mess. Anyway, I decided to really get out of the relationship and head off to Logan a good three hours away from the "missionary." Best move of my whole life. NO REGRETS at all. Deciding that the missionary was a disaster I decided to sign up on line and see how it went. I mean how bad could it be right?

Wrong! Several dates were horrible. I went on one date and we ended up sitting at a truck stop waiting for a "friend" of my date so we could drop him off at the bus station. I called my dad in the middle of the date and told him to call in five minutes and say I was needed someplace else. I mean BAD dates. I stopped the online thing after a while. Dated a lot in Logan and decided to try again. And I found Dallas.

Dallas and I started talking about January. Not for a long time and nothing to serious. After a major disaster and fight with Missionary ( I told you it was off again on again) I decided that I wanted to met Dallas. He just seemed to be so nice. In fact he was so sweet I wondered if he was for real.

My big test was seeing if the boy would come to me and not the other way around. So I asked him if he wanted to meet. He said yes and that he would come to me. I didn't go to work that night and had a huge research paper I had procrastinated doing so I thought the best way for him to "meet" me was just hanging out at my house.

Dallas drove the 2 hours to Logan. We met and we headed to the library on campus for my research project. He was such a good sport and he sat there and talked with me while I did my paper. ( Luckily the paper was on something I was all ready familiar with and it didn't take a lot of concentration)

My first impressions of Dallas were how sweet he was. I also noticed he was SUPER quiet. Anyone who knows me or my family know that we are NOT super quiet but as I got to know him I found something totally NOT quiet.. but not loud either. Just perfect.

Anyway that first night we talked well into the night. It was to late for him to drive home and so he stayed in Logan. He has insomnia ( which I didn't know at the time) and he stayed up ALL night. Then he drove down to Salt Lake and had to work all day. He was such a trooper.

He came up that weekend and we went out to dinner and watched movies at my apartment. From that weekend on any time I had 2 days off work at a time I would drive down. ( I had Sunday, Mondays off) So I was able to spend the weekend and drive up on Monday morning for 8 o clock classes.

That was February. March was pretty much the same. Dallas had all ready told me that he loved me but I hadn't' yet. I knew I loved him but was reluctant because of my past 2 year horrible relationship. One day I got sick and he took me to the doctors and while I in being seen he called and had flowers delivered to his house. We got me all fixed up and we headed back to his house and there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. It was then that I told him that I loved him.

I was ready to met his family and hoped that they didn't hate me! I had to take Dallas to mine and hope they didn't hate him. When I met his family I loved them. I still had the worry that they were going to hate me and still worry that I am not good enough for Dallas. But so far they have been amazing.

So now comes "the Day!!" We were driving down to met my little sister. I have no idea what we were going for but Dallas and I were driving to Provo. As we were driving I asked him how long we were going to "do this?" Nice and romantic huh! He kinda just said until you are ready. We decided when we got home to look at rings the next day and that was it.

We found the perfect ring. I love it. It is perfect. We sent it off to get sized and Dallas and I made plans to have him come up when he got it. He got it on a Wednesday and he headed up to Logan. I had had a bad day and was pretty emotional and had been crying ( I have no idea why) We went to get dinner and bring it back to my apartment. We ordered Tiny spicy chicken and headed back to the apartment. When we got to my house he went to the back of the car, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was snowing and cold and I started crying. He had a dozen long stemmed pink roses and my ring.

That is our story!

But it doesn't stop there. We were married on June 4th in Orangeville. It was a wonderful ceremony. Had a gorgeous reception. Me and Dallas stayed in the traditional honeymoon suite in Price at the super 8. ( yep high rollers.... there really isn't much else) where we had a amazing heart shaped tub!

In July we headed off to our honeymoon in Las Vegas where we stayed 5 days until I decided we should go home early because I was sick! ( I was pregnant and I wanted my own toilet to puke in and it was 115 and pregnant ladies were suppose to stay inside)

After that we had a Gorgeous and amazing dinner for family and friends at the Beehive house in downtown. It was so nice and was perfect for us. We had such a great time.

Fast forward a few months. We were married not very long and we were still getting use to each other when we had our HUGE bundle of Joy. Ty was 15 weeks early and so we spent three months getting to know him and still getting use to each other.

One year and six days after we were married for Time we were sealed for Time and Eternity! Dallas is now mine forever!

In the last three years we have endured a unemployment, 3 month NICU stay, seven surgeries, five of those brain surgeries, 2 surgeries for me, a move to another state, a death of a grandparent and many daily struggles with Tyler. Yet every day I wake up and think of how lucky I am. I think " what can I do to make Dallas happier today?"

I love my life. I wouldn't change any part of it. I can't wait to spend eternity with Dallas,

Happy Anniversary!!


Aimee said...

Great story, congrats on your anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Late Anniversary. Man, I'm so behind on my blog reading! I'm sorry I didn't wish you a Happy Anniversary yesterday :( I loved reading this story and can't wait to hang out! Hopefully, you can come tonight :)

Ashley said...

Wow, Happy Anniversary, I didn't know your story and I loved reading it.