Sunday, April 27, 2008

NO NO!!!

I have the most cutest thing living in my house! His name is Tyler. He is amazing and so smart!

Because of his love for his music he has started doing amazing funny and absolutely CUTE things. A little bubba story for all you FANS out there.

On one of the Barney's he tells the story of the 3 little pigs. It isn't exactly like the one we are use to. But the gist is the same. Anyway, when the wolf goes and tells the little pigs he will blow their house down, the pigs say NO NO! Well, after watching it with him the other day he was sitting with his dad today and when the wolf said his BIG line guess what Bubba said...... That's right NO NO!

He has not been wanting to say dad lately either.. instead he says no no mom! Laughs and goes on his merry way. Poor D but cute as heck.

Singing happy and you know it when they say your face with surely show it he touches his face and smiles. Not to mention doing ALL of the clapping, stomping and hoorays that are there.

And the best news of all!!!! I have been approved for Vacation on June 1-7. Stay tuned for updates on our trip. Yes, I know it isn't what every one had planned but it is something we need... badly!! So get your girls night out planned.


Ashley said...

Tyler is so cute!!!!That is great that he is musical!!!

Erin said...

Vacation huh? Think you deserve that? Haha! I know you do. You had better be coming to Utah and we had better see you!

Crystal said...

Oh, it's planned. Don't you worry about that.

Leeann said...

YAY!!!! I assume that's when you are coming up here???