Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally hitting.......

Work sucked today. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it has sucked this weekend. My head was somwhere else and I didn't want to be there not to mention how stressful the management has been the last 2 days.

For those that don't know, I am a supervisor there. I run the front end. Usually there are a few of us on shift at a time but there never seem to be enough of us. Someone is always needing the help. Not to mention how incredibly horrific some of the customers are. No offense walmart shoppers you are NOT nice. You treat the cashiers there with so much disrespect and disdain. They don't make a lot of money. Don't treat them badly. They are just there to do their job and try and do their best.

Our store is new. It is in an area that is not overly developed yet and the goal here in Arizona is have a Walmart of every exit on the 202. ( for those in Utah it would be like having a walmart off of every exit on either the I-15 or more closely the 2-15) Those who live in other places .. well every exit on your major freeway. There is a walmart up the street from us and there is a walmart going in between our house and where I currently work. (Not sure which is closer but it is starting to look so appealing.. even the hard manual labor of store set up) So there is not a lot of business at my current walmart. We do get busy.. but not like normal walmart busy. Anyway, being that it is my job to do lunches and breaks and have cashiers for the oh so pleasant walmart shoppers I get screwed. Tonight I was alone. There was no other supervisor to help out and we had 2... that is right 2 cashiers for the Sunday rush. Oh.. and let me tell you.. I had NO ONE.. that is right zero people at customer service and NO door greeters. Customer service closed at 8 PM tonight. People were PISSED.

So this is how my day went at work. Got there at 2 after plenty of melt downs with Ty. Not sure what his deal was but he had some issues all day today. ( at least with me.. I love him and not sure what the deal was. (Of course he stopped when Dallas came in to the picture...) When I got to work I walked past the shopping carts where there were a total of 4. I let management know we needed carts, went and clocked in and still no help. I went out on my own. I pushed carts and got told off by a few people. Not that they would bring their carts back after but whatever.

Next I became a cashier. Being told off again because some price somewhere was wrong and that I didn't have the ads for the people to price match. I then became the customer service person. She needed a lunch and apparently no one else was available.

No big deal. Then came the hard stuff. I was left alone to deal with the rest of the night and the rest of the pissed off people who had to stand in a line. It is just a line. You know when you go to walmart you will be there forever. We are trying. It isn't that we WANT to keep you all standing there getting even pissier. I thought the same thing till I worked there.. I really thought they did it on purpose. We don't.

My favorite line from a customer was that I should let Sam Walton know that the ads he is running on TV that claim to have more lines open and better customer service that we are false advertising. I didn't want to waste my breathe but 1. Sam Walton is dead. 2. We do have "more lines open" .. normally we would have one but I got a person to stay later. 3. There is no customer service. They went home!!

See I told you I was pissed.

Then we get to the break down part. Thats right.. I CRIED!! I was so mad at myself for crying. But I did. I cried. After running the store alone we get the night crew on. They are SOOO not my favorite at all. They left rotten food for the "day shift" last night because they were proving a point. What point? We don't have the people to help us get rid of it. You have more cashiers than I had all night and 23 customers all night. Back off and help out. As a team we sure don't work as one.

So .. that was the end of the night. It made me late and it made me upset. I got home and the boys are all asleep so I didn't even get to be with Dallas for a few kisses and hugs. There are dishes piled way to high to even know where to start. ( I will start them tommorow)

It is finally hitting the stress of the week and how scared I am. We need all the prayers we can get. I am so worried about Tyler having seizures. I can't see them but it isn't something that can't happen given his brain damage. The thought of one more thing to add to his long list is so hard for me right now. We need a break for him. He is such an amazing kid.. So.. those who read... send out the plea. Prayers for Tyler and that we are home FAST!!!

So that is my vent. I know that I am super sensitive. I am hormonal and have had hot flashes all day. I am more emotional than I normally would be an this shouldn't be a big deal.. but it is.

Ok.. I am done.. I feel somewhat better.


Jen said...

Nancy, Oh my, I wish I could have been there to help you or to calm those mean customers down. I can say I sort of know how you're feeling as I used to be the front end supervisor over at Sam's Club. Sundays and holidays are the worst. I always seemed to get stuck doing it all as well! So stressful!! I can't believe lady's comment about Sam Walton, idiot! You handled yourself better than me. I would've cried sooner than you did! I hope you got some good rest once you got home and a big hug from Dallas this morning! :)

Leeann said...

Okay, my little (excuse me) "bitchy blog" that I just posted....don't even read it. It doesn't compare to yours and you will have no sympathy for me.
I have never, ever been mean to a Wal-mart worker...however, as you know...they have been mean to me.
*singing* "What the world needs now is love..."

Steph said...

What a day. I hope you were able to get some much needed sleep. Lots of prayers coming your way.