Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Life!

I realized that without being tagged things have been super slow here. Not a whole lot to write about and not a whole lot going on.

We have been busy getting things set up to have me off work and to have Tyler in the hospital. One thing it did make us realize is that we have yet to have Valentines at home together. We started dating right after Valentines and then the first Valentines we were in the hospital with Tyler. The second year we were in the hospital with Ty for his repeat synostosis. This year MIGHT be the year. We go in on the 12th and HOPEFULLY we are out in 24 hours.

Prayers are muchappreciated that we get in and out in such a short time.

Other than that ...Things are going well. Ty is doing very good. He has added dad to his signing vocabulary. He is so cute. He is also trying so hard to take more steps on hs own and is doing so good and if he takes his time can get pretty far.

That is us.. the weather is getting warmer and we are loving going to the park. I have also really liked taking some pictures and look forward to my friends at the Walmart to have their babies so I can practice some more. Here are a few of the latest!!!

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Jen said...

LOVE the haircut! I have an award for you over at my blog! Enjoy! :)