Sunday, January 6, 2008

Drama, Drama every where.. Man.. I wish I had a drink!!

So yes.. we are private. How long will it last? That is something that I cannot answer. Hopefully not long.

A recap of recent events:

Mean people suck. Mean people talk crap about Ty. Mean people use words like mentally handicapped. Protective momma goes on search to make sure mean people are not talking crap where I can see. Protective momma finds comments about momma on blogs and other "public" spaces.

In order to continue to be protective momma, blog goes private. That way if words like CP, and seizures are mentioned then protective momma doesn't have to worry that mean people will be saying mean things about innocent, PERFECT and incredibly handsome little man!!

Ok!! So that is the first part.

The new year definetly started out with a Bang. Ty has been so good. He is doing very well. His mom decided he needed to be wearing his braces more. I am determined to do EVERYTHING that is asked in order to make and help him walk. So that is " his" new year resoultion. Isn't that a lovely one.

The first of the year appointments are all schedueled (minus one) and they started out pretty crappy.

Appointment #1 was a "emergency" of sorts. Ty has AFO's and he can't keep his feet in them. Meaning, he points his toes so much sometimes that the braces are not keeping his feet where they should go. So we headed in to get them fixed. It worked and it looks like they are keeping his feet in.

If you recal my issue with his shoes we decided to go buy shoes that were made for AFO's and so I called a company that made AFO's and asked if I could buy them. The exciting part was not only could I get them for him but possibly get insurance to pay for them. ( They cost about 60 bucks a pair.) I was more than willing to pay cash.

I got the address of an actual shoe shop. We decided to go after his AFO appointment. We got there and it was SO HOT inside that we had to take off Ty's clothes. So here sits a naked 2 year old who has NOT had a nap (minus the 20 minutes in the car toward Pheonix.) waiting for a sales person. Mind you, I have called to verify they even HAVE the shoes we need and they of course say yes. So we are sitting for 45 minutes... 45 minutes before they send someone over. I have even asked if there was someone who could help us. I get a young kid over here who hands me the display shoe. He doesn't help me measure his shoe or anything. I ask him if he would like to measure so we can get the right shoes and he says we dont' have a kids one. I ask him for a different size and he leaves and ten minutes later he comes back with NO SHOE. He goes and gets his manager as he could see I was PISSED. The manager comes back and says, " I am sorry. We don't really "do" kids shoes. Most kids that size don't NEED braces." I start bawling in front of a bunch of old ladies who are whispering " oh poor mom" and I start yelling at the shoe people. They are owned by people who make PEDIATRIC AFO's. Ty can't be the only person who wears braces in all of ARIZONA.

So I leave and call D and get the phone number for another place that has shoes. The lady that answered the phone was told I was angry for having stayed there for an hour to be told what we were. I told them I would be on my way. We had to stop and get food for Ty and we went to the next shop. As we walk in I realize that this is a CLINIC. I stop at the desk and tell the receptionist that we are here to try on shoes and pay cash and leave. She said that there is a wait for walk ins. The wait is 3 hours. I start crying and ask for the office manager. Quickly I am escorted back into a room. I fill out paper work for him and a women brings in 9.... that is right 9 pairs of shoes for him. We fit him and best news for the horrible day... SHE CAN BILL INSURANCE!!!

We come home to above said Drama, protective momma spends night in tears wondering if this is REALLY what she can handle and goes to sleep holding the bear that got her through so much..

Appointments for next week include Eye doc ( He has been wearing his glasses GREAT but he has been rubbing those pretty blue eyes for a while)
PT starts up and so does OT! The foundation starts as well.

So MONDAY : foundation for blind kids
Tuesday: Respite and moms new "resolution:
Wed: is Eye doc and PT ( it is gonna be a bad day!!!)
Thursday is OT and foundation therapist
Friday is respite and hopefully relaxing.

Ending the longest post in awhile with some GREAT news!! He has been sleeping so well. The last 2 days he has slept in till almost 9!! I am in heaven!! Plus he is super cute!!


Kellars Mommy said...

Wow whatta day...I have those days where nothing seems to be going right and I want to crawl into a hole and scream!!! I would be furious if I found where someone was talking about Kellar somewhere other than on my blog..Congrats on wearing the glasses so well, mine has decided it's much funner to yank them off, get your hand spanked and then laugh at mom and yank them off again..

Aidan's mom said...

You poor thing. What a way to usher in the new year. I am so sorry for all the drama!

Leeann said...

Wow. Busy, busy days. Glad that things will calm down come Friday.