Saturday, July 25, 2015

Learning to Be Brave ..... Again

After getting Tyler's casts off we went straight to get his braces. Brett asked us to bring in his loaner walker so that we could see if there was any sores on Tyler's feet. As he cautiously stood up                   (complaining as he went) there was a huge rush of relief that he was standing. But a huge disappointment but mostly sadness, came rushing through. I never expected that many emotions over such a small act.

It was such a small act. But it was an act of bravery. Bravery on the face of a non compliant, yet braver than anyone I know, face. And on the face of a 9 year old boy.

With each small thing, he truly does put on a brave face. But you know who else does. Every single person in this house.

 Grayson gets left out of SO many things and even when he acts out and is hard. He is still brave. Because having a brave brother and having a brother who has special needs and takes up a lot of time. It makes him have a brave face.

Dallas and I put on a brave face, because we see this boy going from walking to not walking. The feelings of him not being able to jump and run, the regression, the sadness and the roller coaster that we don't get a choice of riding or not riding.

So for now, we will start over and learn to be brave all over again.

Starting at ground zero.


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