Sunday, August 9, 2015

4th Grade and Pre-k

WOW. I am only like a month behind.

Ok not really. But enough.

Tyler started school this year before AUGUST! It was a dream come true! His casts came off, his new braces were fitted and his clothes were purchased. We had a bunch of new shorts that he got last year at the end of the year so I put them away in hopes of not having to purchase anything. But sitting on your butt eating Totino's pizza and drinking soda and no physical exercise helped him finally pack on a pound or six. And he when we went to button them, they didn't fit!

Lucky for me, I thought ahead and had bought a size bigger in a few new ones so we were all prepared for the first day of school. Tyler went to a new school this year ( again) and had a new teacher ( again) because his other teacher was sick and so a long term substitute was hired ( again) for this poor class to be started with. So we went to meet the teacher, and LOVE the new teacher and hope she sticks around for the year. She is very accommodating and even allows soda in the room with doctors prescription. ( Even though we need one for EVERYTHING else.)

Tyler rides the bus with three kids in wheelchairs from the neighborhood this year. His chair from this summer doesn't work as a transportable chair so he can only use his stroller. He doesn't mind it so much but with the extra weight and the age of the chair, he is almost ready to upgrade a bit.

He has to get up before 7 which is a struggle in this house. No one really wants to, but I do and it isn't a huge deal. We get him on the bus, I hop in the shower and then I TRY and stay awake.

#firstdayofschoool #fourthgrade #sadweareinachair but happy to be going to school

This is the first year that Tyler has not been able to stand on his own for his school pictures. No worries. I cried my eyes out because this year and summer has been SOOOOO hard. 

He has a paw patrol back pack he picked out himself. He loves it. He has a drink container that he only wants sprite in and he loves it and he loves his teachers. He loves school so far and though he has no release for the playground yet, he does have the best sensory room that they could have for him and he gets to pick one friend to go with him in there for recess instead of to the play ground. I don't mind. Inside has air-conditioning. But he has a hard time in the morning because he wants to go with everyone else. He has been allowed on the slide though. Soon a release should be faxed in.  ( Side note to any pediatricians that ever read this blog: Never laugh at a mom who is asking for a release to allow their kids to play on school playground stuff, we didn't ask to have to get one we were told. It isn't funny and it makes us want to switch docs because it makes you look like an ass)

When Ty got off the bus he told me that he had a awesome day and everything was so great and he loved his new school. 

And in awesome news, we sent Grayson back to school too. HOORAY. He goes three times a week to the same place he went last year but this year he does preschool and pre-k. So he does a curriculum and lunch to get them use to longer days and to eat their lunch at a faster pace and to actually eat at school instead of just play. He loves it and he loves his little friends and his little teacher. We love her too.

#preschool #prek #grayson

This is AFTER the whole school day because we were so excited to drop and run that I wasn't going to waste my time in that line with the crying moms. I was going to go get some more sleep! He also has a new back pack with a lunch box and it is paw patrol too. He has batman shoes that he says hurt his feet and we did not spend a fortune for school clothes and just got some new t-shirts for him. This is his current favorite, Super Why and he has a Lego shirt that says " Everything is awesome." 

He loves playing and loves his friends. Hates going to the bathroom at Miss Brittany's house and holds it ALL day. Hates the bathroom in general. Thinks everyone should love him and yet he hates us all. He yells a lot, he screams a lot and he won't sleep in his own bed. He says cute things, gives great kisses and adores his new cat. ( who thankfully has not died at the hands of Grayson, making him a sociopath) He also loves pretending to do anything and he loves Niles of Tomorrow land. 

Hooray for school! 

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