Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This has been the LONGEST month in forever! At first the days went by forever slow because Tyler could do nothing. Then he could want to do something. Now he WANTS to do things and he can't. When he tries and can, we wear it out. Meltdowns are plenty and loud and hurtful too!

So here it is in all it's glory~


Car rides were REALLY hard and we couldn't stay awake....... ever. 

#biglots had some $2 buck card games. Trust me. We are desperate. #buthewasoffhisbutt #youcannotwalk #hamstringrelease #cerebralpalsy #longsummer

We have mastered go fish with the Paw Patrol. 

Look a #tattoo #sleeve #shoot #momfail #grandmajustaskedfornotrampstamp #ohman

We got Tattoo sleeves with stickers to go on top!

Look where Tyler and Grayson are going? #Elmoletsdance

We got an invitation from our Best Friends at Sesame Street and we were invited to watch them DANCE!!!! 


Turns out, that my baby grew up the last six months and I don't know where he went. We sure do love him a lot. 


And because our baby Grayson LOVES trucks,  we had to get a picture of the coolest truck in the world....
#grayson was in love #Elmoletsdance

👀👀someone has bent knees. And someone gets a #shower with #realsoap #woot #firstworldproblems

We wore pants! and took the gross, nasty knee thingy bobby things off for a bit. And we had a few really great leg bends. 

#seaturtles makes everyone ok. #sleep #sleepinyourownbedplease

Sleeping with turtles is incredibly relaxing.......

What I came home to after the urgent care. Oh I love him #seaturtles #yesithaspants

Basketball Games, in wheelchairs, in the kitchen for a while!!! 


We figured out free Student bowling for the summer and were worried that it was out of the question. His Chair fit right underneath his ramp and we had a great bowling session. Grayson LOVED it. That kid has ben bowling since he was 3 months old. He lost by one point. But that stupid ARCADE kills our budget EVERY TIME!!! 


After a day and a half of a meltdown and three workers at a total loss of what to do to help him. With seizure meds and rescue meds and other meds and him biting and screaming. It was pretty bad. We wanted to have him try to play some games and stay off of the iPad and spend some times reading and playing games. We have picked up a few good ones  recently.

During the meltdown we were able to get him into the pool and it really chilled him out!


#boom bombarding is an awesome game for EVERYONE. so much fun.



The weather changed and we made snowmen and Tyler made snow angels to go with it. Of course it was a pintrest fail in the highest level, there than the boys LOVED it. So for that we will call it a WIN!! OH, and yes, it looks like crack.

We made snow. Total #pintrestfail but funny. Ty made a #snowangel I promise it's not crack.

#Grayson loved it. #itiseverywhere  #dontcare #somedayiwillbeagoodmom

Love this boy. #Grayson #somedayiwillbeagoodmom #itiseverywhere

We sleep in pool watching Octonauts

We are still serving. We have 3 weeks.Then we get the stink feet things off and we see what damage we have done to his walking muscles ad then we have to get PT going. School is not loving our wheelchair option thing. But we have LOTS of things to work on soon.

So till then........ we play with SHUNTS and meet the Pope!!

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