Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday May 21st- Second opinion Ortho Consult ( Ok turn out to be 5th)

On May 8th we went to Shriner's hospital in down town Phoenix Outreach. We  saw a Doctor that went over the results of our gait lab with our regular doctor in Utah and our physiatrist in Utah to provide another opinion and recommendations to our newest Orthopedic doctor here at Phoenix Children's.

Shriner's is an amazing place and we always have such a good time going there. We are able to met up with a few of our past friends we haven't seen in a while. And of course the Shriner's are always trying hard to make sure your appointments is fun and happy.
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We got the information and the doctor was heading to converse with Dr. Shrader ( the leaving Ortho surgeon and Dr. Andresevic, our current orthopedic doc) over the next week.

I got an email from Dr. Shrader letting us know that they ( Dr. A and himself) that they would like to take Tyler ( His file, not the kid! )  to a conference and use his gait labs and x-rays and movement and all that jazz, as a case study for even more input.

We were gearing up for our 21st appointment with no full information on what in the world we were doing to our child.

When we got to PCH we went in and got into Dr. Emily's office and went in to See her. She said that she was excited to have this case. That she has never coordinated with this may doctors to take care of one little  boy. She also said that Shriner's doctors are VERY protective and that our Physiatrists are VERY protective and want to make sure that everything is written down and we fully understand.

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This was the list we were handed of what everyone had agreed was the best possible outcome . The last one was just a possibility. They would make it solidified once he was under anesthesia as far as what lengthening we would need to do or not do. Under anesthesia Tyler doesn't fight his tone. So because of this they can tell you what really needs to be lengthened. 

The definitions are as followed for the list above: ( this is a pretty simply definition)
1)Bilateral abductors releases- abductors are the muscles that make his legs open in his groin area. ( this was NOT done!!!! He had great tone and wasn't fighting and his range of motion was amazing!)
2) Bilateral hamstrings- Lengthening the hamstrings on both legs is basically cutting the fascia or thin lining and basically cutting them in half so that they can be lengthened then grow back together. 
3)Gastro lengthening- Lengthening his calf muscles in the same fashion they do the hamstrings. Done on both legs 
4) Right foot column lengthening- His feet are deformed a lot and of the work done was to correct how his feet are and how to make them not have contractures. 
5) Left foot Lengthening: same as above. 
6)Right femur rotation- Break his leg and turn it correctly
7) Right Tibia rotated- same as above and rotated his tibia. 
8) Right rectus femurs recession is the muscle on the outside. Basically the thigh. However, this ended up not having to b done. 

We then headed down to the clinic to for pre op stuff. His nurse there was so so terrible. I wish we could keep the nice nurse that was still learning her job. She was fabulous!!

This was a very long and a very information filled appointment. It was exhausting and the start to  very long week. 

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