Sunday, May 31, 2015

Surgery Day- May 22

Tyler was one of the first cases that day. We checked in bright and early at 7 am at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Grayson stayed home with my dad, who came to help. The surgery was slated to take up to  8 hours. The list of stuff was long and the doctor was doing it solo. We knew all of those thing. So we prepared our self for a long day.

When surgery started, Tyler was wheeled back happy as could be and he didn't cry. I didn't cry. This was the first time in 9 years that I didn't cry when they took him away from me. They took my cell phone number and Dallas and I went off to find a place that was not a closed in, stink room of grossness. I had remembered from our previous stays that each floor had their own family rooms so we went off in there. I slept a bit but we had numerous texts from our  friends and family. ( Thank you to all who sent them and all the love and support we felt while there) They were very much appreciated. As we got settled in, we were called to run to the 4th floor, Surgery floor, and resign papers. There was a change in plans and the entire surgery is changing. ( Anxiety and our hearts were beating pretty dang fast!!)

We took off and met our surgeon and resigned papers. We agreed that what she was saying was OK. And that no matter what the outside stuff showed, under anesthesia he was a totally different kid and she knew exactly what she needed to do.

We signed.
She left.

The plan was to call me every few hours with an update so that we knew what was going on and what was happening according to plan and where we were by means of extra blood etc. An Arterial line was placed to keep his blood in check so we wouldn't have to transfuse. The nurses were right on in calling and we were kept very up to date.

At 7.5 hours we got the call to head up to the fourth floor and we could met with the surgeon. Dr. Emily came out and went over all that we did and all that we didn't do. A nurse from recover came to get us before Dr. Emily was done talking to us. She was a bit surprised and I am not sure she finished. I felt like I flew out the door to see my kiddo.

Dr. Emily was a bit surprised that he was awake so fast so she went with us to take a peek. Not only was Tyler awake, he was NOT crying and was asking for his mom ( and dad but mom is a sucker!!) because he " Wanted to go play basketball and a Dr. Pepper."

Did I mention he didn't cry!!? I cried!!! He looked so, so good!!

We were only in recovery for about 45 minutes. We called Grandpa and let him know the plan. We had Grandpa and Grayson come up for a little bit to see Tyler. Grayson was a bit concerned that Ty was in the hospital but Grayson did GREAT! Dallas left with my dad that night and I stayed up with Tyler.  Tyler had a pretty restless night.
This boy is #biggerthanahero After a 7.5 hours on the surgery table he was ready for us before if visit with the #surgeon. He never cried a tear. #heisamazing #biggerthanamiracle #superherostatusreached #cerebralpalsy #femurrotation #breakinghisfemur #wec

#breakinghisfemur #femurrotation #cerebralpalsy #superherostatusreached

The nurses and doctors had a issue getting the medicine that he is normally prescribed sent up to him to sleep. So he was up all night. They kept getting his Valium flagged and they were upset over the dosage of his seizure meds and he had no baclofen. There was no muscle relaxers!! The night was so insane. INSANE!!

 I was thankful for day one to be over!!!

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