Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 2- Saturday, May 23rd

The first night was such a worthless night. I was so thankful to have my dad walk in VERY early in the morning to sit with Tyler. I didn't even care that I didn't get to talk to the doctors and the only thing I wanted was my bed!  My dad was more than willing to sit and watch the worst set of kid hospital channels EVER and hang out. He was also the one that talked to the doctor and was able to relay what we needed.

#grandpa us his pal this morning so mom could sleep. Thank you #dad for helping #alwaysadaddysgirl

He was only there for a little bit of time when Tyler finally settled in to sleep and my dad was awesome enough to ask people not to come in. So for a few hours he was sleeping soundly. We still couldn't get him to eat though. ( ok, not really. He would eat Ice Cream)

He wouldn't stop asking for a basketball hoop and he was trying so hard to get up and do things. After a good little nap for me, Grayson and I went ballon shopping and Dallas went to get everyone food and head up to the hospital. We all stayed there until Grayson got restless. My dad took Grayson home and Dallas and I stayed. I wanted to have a night to help put Grayson to bed so I went home later in the day.  Grayson and my dad and I went on a quick trip to the toy store. We were on a quest to find an over the door basketball for Tyler. And then Grayson got to pick one toy. That child found the trucks and he was not ever going to leave. Just as we were leaving we found the best mat for him. So him we went.
We went to get #tyler a over the door basketball hoop and found this gem. So glad it wasn't the billion dollar #johndeere stuff ( for grandpa 😬)

He was holding up SO good. He was able to stay with Grandpa while Dad came home and I thought he would sleep on the couch but he was still up when Dallas got home!  ( We have always had a strict, strict bedtime of 8-8:30. In the last 2 weeks that has gone out the window. Even now that we are home.... we are LUCKY if everyone is asleep before 11.)

I went back to the hospital to settle in for the night and start over!

We were still struggling to get the darn meds right, ( I mean it is SO hard to take what we get at home and convince a pharmacist to just follow the script or call the doctor.. sheesh )but once we did Tyler had a very good night. He was up bright and early but the nurses didn't even come in as often and we both did pretty good. He never complained and he did really well. I was pretty impressed. This kid is seriously the best kid ever. He is such a super hero.

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