Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 3- Sunday May 24th

Sunday was just a long day.  With Tyler still on an epidural and continual pain meds he had a catheter in and he could literally not even feel his feet. Once again my dad got there bright and early to spell me off. It was seriously the best thing we have EVER done. It helped me be a lot less emotional but I was still pretty dang emotional.

My dad came up again in the morning to stay with Tyler. Today his epidural had been taken out and so he needed to get up and get in a chair and be taking regular pain meds where his epidural was round the clock. The biggest problem, the "regular" kids with surgery get is that in between their doses of pain meds they are given doses of Valium to of set the muscle cramps and the anxiety for the kiddo's. But Ty could have ONE dose in the morning and nothing in the afternoon because he takes a almost deadly dose in the evening time. So we had to find an alternative. Lucky for us he would just a  bit a crabby and they would give him toridol and let us keep his Valium at night.

I left when my dad go there and Dallas and Grayson were ready to go up to the hospital to give Tyler his gift from the toy store. It was SO nice to have a quiet, cool house and I felt very rested. I called up around the same time that Grayson was ready to come home, so I ran to the store and bought some stuff to whip up a dinner that didn't come from the hospital. So we had chicken and I made Dallas his favorite for a night snack when he got home. So this made it so that I didn't get to spend much time at the hospital on Sunday. While I was sitting there having a bit of guilt, I thought, wait, this kiddo had 3 people at the hospital all day. Grayson has 3 people around him that love him. I did OK. I headed up and slept at the hospital and wasn't going to be going right home in the morning because we need to talk HOME!!!

So I don't have any photos for the day on Sunday and I am OK with that! I did have a great nap.

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