Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 4- Monday- Memorial Day May 26

Monday was the big day. My dad came up as usual but I was not going to be going home until we got everything we needed done. I needed to talk to the Doctor to get all the information I was going to need to get us home and what was going to happen at home. We needed to get him up and going and I wanted to see him off his electronics. The iPad was a great gift that made it so he survived his surgery.

Grandpa and I convinced a crabby pants Tyler to put his iPad down long enough to go find something to do at the kids zone. I had heard it was a pretty cool place and I was hoping that he would at least be willing to play a bit.
Going for a stroll in the hospital. #multilevelsurgery #cerebralpalsy #surgery #broken

When you get into the play room they have to verify with your nurse you are allowed to play. We had no problem and only one restriction..Stay in your chair. We headed back to the video game section and we tried to play Mario Cart in which we lost terribly. It was awful.

We were very excited to see the air hockey table be open. Air hockey is one of his favorite things to do. So we played with it for a while. Pretty sure that Tyler kicked Grandpa's trash!

#airhockey #cmnkidzone #phoenix #pch

We moved on to play a game of pool. But his poor coordination allows us to make up games called Pool Bowling. He loved it. He did a few rounds and then was ready to go. He was getting tired by now so we went on home to our floor on the 8th floor.
#superherostatusreached #kidszone #childlife #poolbowling #gotyler
I was left to call the home health company to be a mean mom and get our chair there. It was the ONLY thing that was keeping us from going home. FINALLY we were ready to go!!!!

Dallas stayed home with Grayson because we were suppose to be home MUCH earlier than we were. But we were up waiting for the LAST thing so I told him not to come up. It took us forever but we got us home.

We were SO SO glad to be home!!!

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