Monday, April 27, 2015

March Trip for mom- North Carolina- A trip with Hydrocephalus Warrior moms

I was recently appointed to a Position by the National Hydrocephalus Association to chair the National Hydrocephalus association WALK here in the Metro Phoenix WALK. The old walk chairs didn't secure a spot so I am scrambling to find a spot for this year. I sent in an application but haven't heard anything so next week, now that school is OVER, to secure a spot for us to have this shin dig!

I took a small trip to Charlotte North Carolina and met with a few mommas that have kiddo's with Hydrocephalus. I was able to met with 2 amazing moms who have kiddos' that were 25 week preemies. We were insta sisters. It felt so so good to be able to use humor and laughing to get back into the groove of me!!  Sometimes I miss me. The me that has fun. The me that isn't defensive with all the other people in a "support group" that doesn't support, but judges.

We all had some sort of connection around the table. One of us even shared our latest neurosurgeon. He left HER to come to US!! But left US to go to North Carolina! We are working super hard to get Gabby Gifford to come to our walk this year and really make it a good fun walk. But we need to do it at a time that is not hot as Haiti!

We had 2 long days of really LONG and not well put together lectures. But some great after noon activities where we could chat, laugh and laugh and laugh and eat. Then go to bed early. The WORST part.....

DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME..... What the CRAP is that .. We woke up Sunday and we had Sprung ahead an hour. Arizona didn't change time, so we were 3 hours different. This waking up early thing, that meant our 9 AM wake up was 6 am in my body. NOT COOL. But totally explained my 4 hour flight home VS the 3 hour flight in.

I was excited to see the boys when I got home. I slept a bit on the plane but was glad to get to Sky Harbor. Nothing was better than being home.

This is what home sweet home looks like!!!!

Oh yes. And we can't forget the temperature difference, now can we!!

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