Monday, March 16, 2015

The fun pictures of life in our house!

Our Valentine Dinner:

This little one is the best when he is sleeping:

Grayson has the best time in our little neighborhood. He needs a fishing pole Grandpa!

We borrowed a baby one day to see if we could convince Grayson that HE  was not a baby. Other than he LOVED the baby that he feed him, put him to sleep and would stand there cooing how cute he was, it backfired.

For some reason I don't even care he is eating out the centers of the oreo's and turning them into pasties... Ok they are really smiley faces but it never got that far...

We can't forget the time we made 4 trips to the pediatricians and each tie a bruise bigger than Texas would show up on someone.....

And we still like Sand.. A lot of it

This sweet thing climbed up on my lap and laid there while I didn't feel well and we watched sponge bob together.... LOVE him so much

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