Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Break- Wednesday /Thursday

With a bit of discussion with Grandpa, we decided to go spend the rest of the afternoon with Aunt Titi in Salt Lake so that we could spend some time with Dallas' family. We were going to spend time with them anyway, but not until later Thursday. But what is one day with Aunt Titi.

Aunt Nicky didn't get much alone time and she is pretty cool, so we went up and met her at Toys R Us. We had promised Tyler a movie and he did SO so Good at being disappointed. So we ended up spending way to much money at the stupid toy store. But all in good spirits. 

We hung out, got pizza and I finished my school test! We got the boys set up and they slept on the same bed and they loved it. Oreo also decided that he was going to protect my kids and hung out on their heads. There was zero complaints from them. 

Early Thursday we took Nicky to work and dropped off her car to get a fix and spend the morning with our Aunt Sheena. WE LOVE AUNT SHEENA!! 

Not sure if we have mentioned just how much we LOVE Aunt Sheena, but we do. I love her! I loved having her live with me. I love her just like a sister. I also LOVE her baby. And I love we get to have another one soon. 

We decided to met up at Gardner village and check out the Witches. We didn't have a ton of time and we weren't sure what was there, but we did see a lot of cool witches and did a few events. 

Our favorite Witch was the pooping witch! It was in the outhouse and we LOVED it and we all giggled. Because Ty can't see we went into the exhibits. We didn't ask and we didn't get in trouble either . 

And the best part, dancing with the witches. Ty loved it. And we let him go at it. 

Grayson is the best at following and enjoying the stuff that his brother does. Our Cousin Emery was dancing with us and we LOVED it. It was so much fun. 

After Gardner Village we headed to my Best Friend Stephanie's. We opted to play at a park. We played at the park for 3 hours. Yes, three whole hours of them playing. it was amazing. I miss her so much that I was so thankful to talk to someone who I totally just get, that I just wanted to be with her. WE watched the kids go nuts at the park and  we had them -playing till their heart was content.

We ran up to get Nicky because we had dropped her off. Then we went ahead and took her home and head with our Grandma to a hotel with them.

Grandma got us checked into a great hotel, after a dashing and fab dinner at Chick fil A :)

Getting in a hotel, was like heavenly. two beds. Me in my own. Grandma just to hang with. We loved it.

We got our plans for the next  day. Friday was going to be spent visiting out papa in the hospital in hopes he gets to go home and then an afternoon with all of our cousins again!!

It was a good day. We enjoyed our trip to this far!!

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