Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Break- Friday/Saturday

We stayed in a hotel on Thursday night. It was so so nice to have a bit of space, but more so, that the boys slept in their own bed and I didn't have to share (for most of the night any way.) The boys were so good on Friday. We woke up a bit later than I thought we would and we were planning to met up with our Grandma Brown. We had met with her for dinner the night before and she helped us get settled into our hotel.

So Friday morning we headed over to Denny's for breakfast. The boys were so good. They talked with her, watched the Frontrunner's going by and they were just great. From there we went up to the Hospital. Our Grandpa is pretty sick right now, so we needed and wanted to spend some time with him. We knew he was going to be able to get out soon but we weren't sure how long.

We got to his room and my sweet kiddo, Tyler sat on his bed and pulled up the covers and curled up in his lap and feel asleep.  His grandpa was loving every second of it, until I had to break the news that he was not just sleeping peacefully, but was actually having a seizure. Either way, he said he was going to just going pretend that he just needed his grandpa, and he laid there for almost an hour.
Tyler post seizure at his grandpa's room 

After our visit with Grandpa, we got him set up with our netflix account and his very own gifted few months of Hulu, so that he could enjoy the better part of his stay. He didn't need flowers, he needed entertainment!!

We headed from there to Aunt Crystals house. We are wanting to play with all the kids for as long as long as we could. Crystal and her family has pizza every Friday, after Noah's appointments, We were intending to go but ended up making other plans.

The cousins played and played. Alice and Maddie are so cute and Grayson loved playing with them. Emery played with the three of them but preferred a iPad and Noah was playing video games and was showing Tyer how cool they are Tyler was in an out of the house and so was Grayson. All were happy as could be.

Me, Grandma, Crystal and Sheena hung out in the sun chatting for several hours and sharing alive for our favorite pregnant girl! And just life in general. We decided that we wanted to let Crystal and her kids have pizza and finally go get a decent non traveled food. So we headed on over for dinner.

My boys did fabulous and we were ready to turn into our hotel early!

Saturday the boys slept in even more than we did on Friday. So by the time we checked out we were heading eat breakfast with grandma AND Grandpa. We were meeting up with Aunt Sheena to ride the train for a few hours. It was fabulous. We have the best photos of the train!!

Checking out of our hotel before our festivities! 

After we left Aunt Sheena and the train we went to Aunt Nicky's and went to a park to let the kids play before we headed to dinner.

Dinner was a nightmare. Poor Grayson had the worst time. He was so upset. the service was really crappy too. But he was almost sold to the lowest bidder. I didn't know what was going on with him. But he seemed to chill once we left and headed to Nicky's.

My best friend Amy came over to see us and we chatted and hung out. I LOVE Amy so so much. She is a mom that gets it. I get her. She was friends with Dallas before friends with me. But I am glad either way that I have her. She is amazing.

Nicky and the boys got ready for bed, Oreo again, sat on the boys faces to makes sure they were safe. Nicky was nice enough to help us get our stuff out the door for the morning and to get us on our way. Sunday was the day that we were making our journey home. And it was a journey.

The trip was great and wonderful and all of those things. We were so thankful that we chose to come. It was not planned as just a go and have fun, it was originally planned to do some stuff with Tyler's legs but that was postponed. So we figured we would need to figure out how to do the drive on our own. make it once and we will be able to make it on other times we need to drive up there.

It was fabulous to be home in our own ed. An even better to be back with our dad. We had wonderful time and saw all the people that we love and loves us ! We will have to think about going back in April. Or maybe a shorter road trip and go to San Diego!

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