Thursday, November 6, 2014

A quick forward to Halloween

When we got home, we put Grayson in big boy undies. We went DAYS with no accidents, and then days with only accidents. He won't even put on big boy panties right now. So we start the day with sitting on the potty and then he will figure out what he wants to wear.

We have had a go at behavior with Grayson the last little bit. It is just a repeat of the same old stuff. He doesn't feel awesome. If your Iron is sitting at 7, you might be a bit mean too. It makes him upper super tired but it makes it so that he doesn't have the best sleep habits either. We have a sleep study coming up and all things point to " low iron" issues. So we MIGHT be going in a circle. 

He is such a beast that one morning while we were all getting ready he threw a table at his brother's face. But no worries, the shiner was a killer one, but something rubbed lightly on his face and he freaked out and needed a bandage. 

We got Tyler to try a new food. We told him it was yogurt ice cream and he liked it. At the end, however, he wanted to use a spoon so we let him. It was a HUGE deal!

And last but not least, I got my ring back. 3 of the 4 prongs were gone, 3 diamonds loose on the side and I needed it resized. I sure missed it. 

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