Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mickey Mouse - Live on Stage

Along with all the fun party stuff, Tyler got tickets to Mickey Mouse Live on Stage. Normally we would need to buy the tickets and pay a billion dollars extra to get close enough that Tyler can see or hope that whatever center we are at, allows for accommodation tickets. We have only gone to the Delta Center in Utah and not the Airway Center in Arizona. But the accommodations that they made for Tyler were amazing.

Our tickets were for the second row! Tyler and Grayson were so excited. Tyler did a great job of handling the countdown for it and was ready to go on the day of the " Talent Show." We headed into downtown.

SOOOOO funny!! 

We made our way to the floor and enjoyed the loudest concert we could have ever watched. But the characters were great and Tyler loved every second of watching his best friend Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

The best part.... The joy and excitement on the two boys' faces. Oh how I love and adore them both!

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