Saturday, October 18, 2014

Iron {or not} Man!

Oh man! Do we have a pale Ghost in this neck of the wood. Grayson is still a little.... NOPE a LOT low on his Iron. After our Utah trip ( coming up in a few blog posts) Grayson was terrible. The trip home was exhausting and in Utah he had a hard time staying up with the "Jones." ( OK Martins and Gales and Shaw's.... AKA our most favorite Utah people) When he is tired he become 3, and destroys EVERYTHING in his path.

So after our said "Vacation," I called and asked them what in the world was I suppose to do when our entire day is spent being mad at a 3 year old all because he is so stinking sleepy and tired.

The appointment was easy peasy and not much to report that wasn't sent to the Gma's and Aunts that asked, but the best part, Grayson is doing so much better and letting them poke him. His Iron is still low, he will be ready for a transfusion on his next appointment in January and if we go to Utah, to be prepared for some MASSIVE mood swings when he comes back home. Because he needs more oxygen in Utah, his body has to work harder. So when he gets back, he is just trying to adjust and it makes him a ticked off 3 year old.

In the mean time.... Here is my sweet toot, being a " Brave Dragon!"

He looks sad, but he was really just fine. The blood pressure cuff had to be repeated about 4 times. 

So totally off topic of anemia and thalassemia, but we are in the oncology department when we go to these appointments. ( Thalassemia is a blood disorder)  So the cancer place. I had recently developed a cold sore ( on said vacation!) and they made me wear a mask. I was happy to do so. The waiting room was packed with adults in masks, but not many kids. I looked over and a dad had written in tiny letters on his mask " EBOLA!"  I took a terrible picture but EVERYONE was dying of laughter.

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