Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I am SO glad that September is over! We had a great month but not only was it a tiring little month it was packed full.  Tyler had the most amazing birthday in the entire 9 years of life. I can't believe how much fun he had. I don't have all my photos taken off my camera so I will have to post those on our flickr for those who want to look.

We asked people that knew Tyler to send cards. He LOVES mail and it was amazing to see the response. It wasn't national news, or a viral party. ( Our friend Rhett did though!~) But the amount of letters and cards and photos and pictures were overwhelming.

We got letters and cards and postcards from as far away as England and France. I think we had the entire Army base in Texas sending stuff. It was great. Tyler would get his pile for the night and say "Mail, Again!"

His birthday was perfect. He had a boy from his class and a boy from the neighborhood who have special needs. We had some boys from our ward and we had a ton of fun. Minus the temperature, it couldn't have been better.

September included 2 Hematology appointments for Grayson and a neurologist appointment for Tyler. We have really increased the frequency of our seizures but the length of them is far less severe. His behavior is far better. We will have a few major discussions with the Neurologist in a few weeks.

Hematology is not my favorite place to be, but we head back tomorrow in order for me to get some help with Grayson. The poor kid. If he swallows another mouth full of rocks or dirt I might lose my mind.

Overall, September was a great month.

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