Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's a sad fact ... but a fact

Tyler is turning 9. This kid LOVES birthday's. When it hit Sept.1st he got all excited that it was his month and that we would be having this awesome party at his favorite places with balloons and party hats etc. I didn't have the heart that it would BREAK my heart to do that to myself this year. But I didn't tell him no.

So, I went to 800 of my closest Facebook peeps and asked them to share a photo. This photo:
You see, Tyler has been invited to one persons birthday party in his whole 9 years. Every party we throw for him we invite his entire special needs class and hire extra respite and state workers to help us with any extra need that we could have. And yet no one shows up. No one even RSVP's. So last year, we rented out a lane at Flip side and waited to see of the 11 kids in his class, who was coming. No one showed up. It was me, his respite, his dad and his brother. I was heartbroken. 

But in true Tyler fashion he said that is ok. We can still have a good time. But I was broken. 

This year we have been trying to figure out what to do and where to have a party, Ty is not satisfied with just something here with Cake and us. He wants to go to the trampoline place, or the bouncy house place or the indoor play place. He wants to invite all his friends. But what mom dares tell him that there is no one that will come. 

As hard as it is, we have but few friends for a kiddo like Tyler. He likes things that a normal 4-6 year old would like. Not what a 8 year old would like. He is socially not where he should be. So how do you tell your innocent kiddo, that it isn't going to happen.

Well I can't. So, please download the photo and share his story. Send them back here to see what he is all about. Lets give him the "Surprise party" he deserves to have! 

The address is incorrect on the flyer. Because of my school deadline I don't have time to fix it, but his address is 18902 e kingbird. 


jennohara said...

Can I add the photo to my facebook to see if he will get some cards from some people? I will share it and pass it around. Maybe we can make it an extra special birthday for him and get him some birthday cards!


If you want to post the pic & message with address on my page...please do! I cant seem to copy it! Happy Birthday Sweet Hero!! Praying for you all+