Monday, July 7, 2014

Grayson has a first!

Grayson had a first. It was a sad/happy first for me. Grayson was invited to his first birthday party. We have 3 little boys that have birthdays all within 3 weeks of each other. Hyrum just turned 3 and Jacob will be three in 3 weeks and Grayson will be 3 on SATURDAY!! IKES. My baby is 3!!

He was so excited. He picked out a Car for Hyrum and was ready to go. He was excited to spend the afternoon with Hyrum and I dropped him off and left.

First friends birthday

Grayson does so many things that are "older" than him because he does stuff with Tyler. Grayson goes to scouts ALL the time and thinks he is a big kid, so this was no big deal. It was more of a big deal to me. It seems silly, but it isn't often that we get invited places.

One thing I have learned is that Special needs kids don't get picked to play, sleep over, be friends and especially birthdays. Ty was a little upset that he wasn't able to go. He didn't fully understand but he handled it well.

As the mom, I hope to provide Ty and Grayson with amazing experiences in "Neurotypical" times and non neurotypical.

PS. Grayson came home with Ice cream in his hair, on his face, pizza in his pocket and happy to go home! ( I kinda felt like the bad mom, but Grayson goes over to Mandy's to play all the time so I didn't stay but all the other moms did) Whoops!

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