Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pine Wood Derby

Did you know that there are ADULT pinewood derbies all over the country? Did you know there are such dedicated people to these stupid cars that you can find almost any style on the internet? Did you also know you can buy a pine wood derby car that is guaranteed to kick butt in ANY pine wood derby and has been tested to win?

Well, when you as handy as we are, you find out ALL these things. We refrained from ordering the mustang and the viper, but we did order a plain car because we didn't have the saws that we needed. But in order to stay in compliance with the rules we needed to have Tyler do the rest. And boy did he!

He wanted to paint his tiger stripes. We didn't have enough wait so we ended up adding a simple weight at the bottom of his car that really made it so he did PRETTY well. He won a few of his heats but nothing big. But for Ty to watch his car race, was plenty for me!



Tyler really loves Scouts. He participates when he can. We are struggling with adapting some of the activities so he isn't fully left out or the target during their games. But overall he loves it.

A huge thanks to a anonymous to you ( but not to me!!) donor, who purchased Tyler a scout uniform. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our life and who care. It was nothing to him, but it was huge to us!

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