Monday, June 9, 2014

A PSA on Vaccinations

I vaccinate my children. I vaccinated Tyler at a normal schedule so he got shots while he was in the NICU. I was well informed. I understood my risks and we vaccinated. As he got older I chose to vaccinate but on a more drawn out schedule. We tried not to give him things when we were heading into the hospital stays or if he was sick but basically he was fine.

Other than a small fever or a crabby for a day or two he was fine. When Grayson was born we did the same thing and heard from so many people that we were making the wrong choice. The idea that Autism was on the rise and the MMR was the cause. I listen to both sides of the arguments. I questioned the sanity that was coming from both sides. However, the Wakefield scandal really solidified my decision to vaccinate.

I also didn't want my children to be sick with something that could have been prevented or the effects lessened. Because we all know that a vaccine doesn't make it so they won't get anything. It just prevents them from getting more sick if they actually catch the disease.

While going into the surgery with Tyler we were stopped at the door by a lovely security guard to ask us a few questions before we could proceed into the pre-surgery room. And then I saw it.......

The measles warning.....

Maybe you should've vaccinated peeps. #hospital #pch #nicegoing

Moral of the story: Whooping cough, measles, and RSV is preventable by taking the proper steps and making sure you keep kids who are compromised healthy. There are truly kids who are unable to be vaccinated due to transplants and certain medical conditions. Let's keep them safe and vaccinate.

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