Friday, March 7, 2014


Obviously my blog is not a priority at all these days. But I miss having a journal of my kids. Plus, my kids are great and why not share them as much as I can.

 So December was a long time ago. So instead of catch up I will do photos, because they are much better anyway. The only low was a falling down the stairs in the middle of the night resulting in a pretty damaging disaster to a knee that will take about 3 months to figure out.

As far as Christmas went, it was small, perfect and we had a great time. Dallas and I have now paid cash for the last 7 Christmas' and we are going to keep staying out of debt to the best of our ability forever.

 Here it is in Pictures :  (With some words)

One of the things we have done while we have lived here has been to find our own traditions. We really have loved going to the Superstition Farms here locally and met with the same Santa, year after year. So last year and this year we have pictures with the same Santa. We made arrangements to go and it was amazingly warm this year and we had a great time. Hoodies were needed by adults and light jackets were required and shoes.... shoes! A few in our party wore flip flops.

 Our favorite Arizona Santa:

Both kids were in need of a hair cut but Grayson has curly hair so it is even more unruly. Plus I dread hair cuts. But they all had a great time. We had a dance party in the barn, we drove around in the hay ride wagon with Christmas lights. We fed animals and all were impressed with the ability to not be afraid of a small calf eating my fingers. One of the goats were loose and was eating Grayson and he was loving it! 

We miss the traditional night of Scones and Christmas lights with the Brown family so we did our own. We decided that we would do our own scones, walk around the neighborhood for lights and enjoy a little fire outside. ( See, Arizona is where it is at!) Oh and did I mention we had our own lights up for Tyler to be able to see, and Grayson LOVED. 

Christmas morning was perfect. But a little bit of backstory. A few days before Chritmas we received a GINORMOUS box that could have fit a person ( and if it was Grandma the Old Lady there would have been room to spare). Dallas thought I bought something he didn't know of and he waited for me to check it out. Turns out, a very amazing organization ordered and upgraded Tyler's adaptive trike. Mind you this is NOT a cheap gift. These bikes are around 2-4 thousand dollars so to open up the box and realize what was inside was amazing!! 

Christmas morning was perfect for the kids and magical as a christmas can be when you are little. I can't wait till next year. ( I am saving already) 

We have so many trains and cars and "city buses" that get used on that track and we have googled new ways to make them all fit. We have added a airport and more cars. The Marble run was moved out of the way of the little and just yesterday we were even up playing and doing new mazes. So we know the presents were picked out and done amazingly this year.  

One we went into 2014!

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