Friday, March 7, 2014


January was a bit more eventful for us. We started the year off with a trip to the infamous trip to the Fiesta Bowl.  That's right, we attended a football game. Dallas and I do not watch sports unless it is lacrosse but we were given tickets and decieded to go. We got a sitter, planned for an open ceiling and dressed for cold weather and ended up needing..... NOTHING. It was closed top and warm!

We had a blast. The tickets were decent and the game was not won by those who it was suppose to.

We had a great time and we enjoyed having a date. We even enjoyed the fact that the team that was suppose to win didn't. Sure made for some angry fans that actually cared. If AZ ever gets into the bowl, or a Utah team, I bet we could get a few of the grandparents and uncles down to visit us.

At Christmas I got SUPER sick. Like I had THE FLU!! The real flu. After our Christmas festives and breakfast and lunch was started, I achingly got into bed and literally slept the entire day. I got sicker and sicker and sicker. I was so worried that everyone would get it, but I was so thankful that this year that I made everyone else get flu shots, even Dallas, and then I didn't get one. I was SICK. So even during this football game I was misrable. I am pretty sure that I drank more nyquil than I ever have before.

We celebrated our Dad's birthday by having this awesome party here at home with yummy cake in which we ate deliciously. Our sweet neighbor watched the boys and I took him out to dinner and a movie.

That was the fun stuff of January

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