Sunday, September 22, 2013

What a LONG month this has been. I have started a ten blogs about the stuff we have been doing and finished none of them. Something always comes up, or I get frustrated or the inner conflict I keep having always seems to make it so I don’t want to push publish.

T’s school year has been going. Not awesome like I had thought it would, but not so bad either. We have had some major complications with communication and major frustrations in trying to figure stuff out.

Ty had his testing done for second grade and he got 3’s out of 4’s. So he is on task for a 2nd grader in most stuff. Of course the take into account that he can’t write and that he can’t do some of the things he needs to on his own. But overall he is doing really well. Our first biggest challenge is getting them to follow his IEP. Some of the things are being over looked. I am sure not on purpose, but none the less, still being over looked.

We are also working with him on math. He is slowly grasping the concept of it but they are learning touch points and we have had to learn to adapt his ability to figure out the touch points. I tried coming up with a great idea and he seems to be catching on, for the most part.

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He has done really well, he just doesn't love homework. Plus he has to do homework after we have him therapy all afternoon after school. Sometimes I am sad he just can't be a kid. We will see how well he tolerates the "normal" activities of scouts that comes after an hour of Physical therapy.

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Our success of having his seizures slow down was slow lived and we are back to the drawing board and having to up his meds to a WAY higher dose. It kinda makes me sick to shut the door at night and turn off his shows because I never know if he will wake up in the morning.

We celebrated his birthday this week. I was going to do a birthday post but am going to skip it this year. There are to many private emotions that I don't want out there for others to make fun of me over ( and YES sadly there are people that would do that) and I would rather have them in a more supportive forum where those people are NOT invited to be.

However, he turned 8. Had an amazing time and three days later we are still having birthday activities. In 3 weeks he while have his baptism and we will have cooler temps and Halloween to look forward to.

Overall, we just keep plugging away. I will gain 12 hours more "work" this upcoming month and can't wait to have all my hard work FINALLY pay off. But it will and I am more determined ( thanks to those who aren't all that supportive) to succeed and keep on going. Our five year plan might even be shorter since I am more "complete" than we thought.

I have to admit, as much as I like my job #imissthem and  #ilovethiswelcomehome @kdbdallas

Oh and it looks like we will probably be in Utah again in November for a gait study ( for 2 of them) bike measurements and phenol. Then three weeks after that we will be having botox here. Next week we do orthotics and therapy and well baby checks for everyone. Guess that means flu shots all around.

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Madeleine said...

Happy 8th Birthday Ty!!! Wishing you the best always.

All our love,
Spencer and Scottie