Friday, September 6, 2013


If you follow on Instagram or on Facebook these might be repeats but still, my kids are awesome so why not share a million. Plus these include photos of the Hospital so for pete's sake... deal!

Before we went into the hospital Ty needed a hair cut ( Oh yes.. it was THAT bad that we didn't take a picture. Poor kid hates it so so so badly.) Our cute little respite girl made a hat for him to practice wearing before the "big day" of an EEG. I won't lie, he didn't love wearing the hat, but the hat was a genius idea.

#octopushat Our new respite person made a octopus hat to help Ty get ready for Monday #eeg #seizures #specialneeds @kdbdallas

I researched some other toys that we could possibly use for a distraction while in the hospital but used it to bribe and he had to sit and watch it be on the shelf. But Grayson's toy was for the taking and he got a airplane. We all sat and played airplanes before we had a large birthday party for the mom.

#playingwithlittlepeople #ilovethem   And you said we don't play with our kids. Hmmm #gladthisismyjob

We did have a great birthday party for 2 days but was ready to switch up the gears of party mode and get this stay over with. I was not looking forward to it. But was trying to not have a freak out, meltdown that usually accompanies the hospital.

#birthday #familiesareforever #ilovethem  #cake #ilovemyboys

No I am not 38 but the boys all had to help me blow out candles. We got a lot of spit on it too. We lit that sucker like 5 times.
#birthday #familiesareforever #ilovethem  #cake #ilovemyboys

After many blessings we started the Tuesday morning. Ty did awesome by the way. He did such a good job of letting them put all that stuff on his head.

Just us #eeg #seizures  #specialneeds  #disabilities #phoenixchildrens

After dad and brother left we had a dance party and a "throw the snacks against the window party." I feel so sad for the residents and students who had the luxury of watching us the next morning.

#barneydanceparty #pch 8th floor. Come ready to party. I can only imagine what the video looks like.

And this is what helped with the distraction..... STUFFY
#docmcstuffins is the best thing of the day #pch #phoenixchildrens #seizures #eeg


But being at the hospital had one weird perk. Their food rocked.. PCH is the best hospital food EVER

Oh yeah. And eat your heart out #primarychildrens #primerib for us at #phoenixchildrens

That is RIGHT prime rib for the liking!! It was rare and Great!

But not all food was created equal and Ty like the brownies for dinner
Brownies for dinner. #atleastitisnotpizza #pch #phoenixchildrens #seizures #specialneeds #sweetboy

The day 2 was a different story. We were playing every game we could think of. We were so bored. Finally we just succumb to the iPad.

On a random walk through the gift shop I ran across this BEAUTY

Best thing I saw all day.

And the brother gets in on the Stuffy action

#angrybird bandaid #docmcstuffins #hegetsuptoearly #ilovehim

And to try and process the meds in Ty's system we sent him out during the monsoon

Trying to get that Valium out if his system. #yayforrain #haboob #monsoons

And the beauty of the week.. the planes shoes we scored.

We have a #plane problem

#ohgeesh #planes @kdbdallas

And after the failed attempt of church, my frustration was out of control. I was over with the week so I figured why not scrub the floor, so that I didn't eat 400 pounds of cookies

My feel sorry for me #carpetcleaning

The holiday plans at the movies

#planes   No one would stand next to each other

#firstmovieever #wewillneverdoitagain

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