Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer is coming to a close..........

I am SO, so glad that we are starting school in just a few weeks. In true fashion, someone in the house is sick! Just a summer cold but none the less, we are all ready to go.

Ty has grown up so much this summer. Not just emotionally, or socially but also PHYSICALLY! Holy cow, we hit 50 pounds just after we moved to Arizona and we dropped back and forth for a while. At our neurologist appointment on Monday we were officially 57 pounds. He is 4 feet tall. He has a bit of a belly that I LOVE and his cheeks are fully. When we asked him what got him to grow, he answered us “ All the pizza I get to eat!” and boy was he not kidding.

One reason that I love school for Tyler is SCHOOL LUNCH!! Last year I really worried about what he would eat at school lunch. After a few home packed lunches, I stopped. He needed to come home hungry and then he would eat what we cooked him for dinner. Plus they get pizza a lot at school so I know he won’t starve. So we are looking forward to having a school menu on the fridge again.

This year they are asking that I provide him with a daily snack and we are excited to have him ask us for fruit cups. So we are going to bring in different types of crackers and fruit cups. He loves pineapple and all other stuff too. So why not!

We also get homework. So I am looking to see if I can capture his attention in chapter books that we can read a chapter and have a week long book. Or something that is awesome for him to want to read. 30 minutes of reading the same books over and over means we need to take a trip to the library.

We are also looking forward to the schedule that school brings us. This year we have all three therapies out side of school, that we will be trying our hardest to keep into our schedule. We will be having on therapy at the beginning of a school day so he will need me to take him to school. And another day he will have to leave a half our early. And to get an extra hour of all his therapies he will be getting OT at home in the evenings. This is such a well needed change for him to get so much extra therapy.

We have some major testing going on in the month of August for epilepsy/seizures and hospital stays and of course, Med Changes. What wouldn’t a stint in the hospital be without  some major med changes.

But mostly  we are excited for Tyler to go back to school. Where he can be Tyler and be social and be amazing. Like he always is.

We will miss him like crazy, but I am sorta, kinda looking forward to being back with Grayson. We have a lot of changes on the horizon and we have a lot of exciting things that we get to do with Grayson. We have lots of little field trips and learning stuff.

And just to end the night/day/post with awesomeness. Here are some photos that we have taken the last few weeks with Tyler and Grayson.

Walking into the #flyingfairyschool with Ty. He was holding up his little brother on his lap. #ilovethem #momsdream #bestfriends #frenemies #cerebralpalsy  #disabilities #familiesareforever

We were walking into the Flying fairy school to meet his teacher and we had Ty’s chair. Grayson wanted to ride too. Ty isn’t always a fan, but Ty said he would be nice enough to let Grayson sit on his lap. They were so cute. I wish they made Adaptive strollers for Tyler  to have a rider!

I guess we are doing something right. He sat down and said say #prayer then #amen. #ilovehim

After therapy if Tyler earns something at therapy we either hit up a gas station, the dollar store or another awesomeness, we decided to try out the local new McDonald's with a play area for toddlers, which is usually up BOTH their ally’s. But first,Grayson said “ Mommy prayer? *insert lots of mumbling* AMEN”

#airplanes all the time. #firstthinginthemorning

We will miss the mornings of watching Tyler eat and play while Grayson relaxes and plays Planes.... right?

We are looking to our second year at the Flying Fairy School. It will be a GREAT year... We can feel it!

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