Monday, August 5, 2013

Second Grade!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE, LOVE the school system in Arizona. I love our placement in the system. I love our teacher. I love his team. I especially love that he is IN school and we are going to be back to a routine. Once we are feeling better, we will ALL be back into a routine and it will be more than perfect!!

Today my 1lb 11 oz cute monkey looking baby is all grown up and in second grade. He was so excited to go, and I was so excited to send him.

On Friday we had meet the teacher night and Ty was so excited. We got there and headed to his classroom. We have the same Teacher so I assumed we had the same room. But not true. He had a new room. When we walked in, he was so excited to see his teacher. She, however, looked “diffrent” and had to explain to all of us that she is going to have a baby and would be gone for part of the year ( not awesome for kids who thrive on schedules and things not changing!) but that she would also be having not ONE baby but TWO. So we are excited for her, but sad for us.

Walking into the #flyingfairyschool with Ty. He was holding up his little brother on his lap. #ilovethem #momsdream #bestfriends #frenemies #cerebralpalsy  #disabilities #familiesareforever

( Ty was to tired to walk into meet the teacher and there isn’t enough room for Two. I think they compromised really well!! )

All of it was a little over whelming for Ty but we had to make it to the nurses office, drop off seizures meds, ( yet another reason we LOVE Arizona schools.. a school nurse who can administer meds!) and make sure that everyone doesn’t freak out as often as they did last year.

Seizures tend to scare everyone. Everything makes them nervous. So they tend to call a lot. Since we are still figuring out what is wrong and why he has such a hard time right now, so we needed to make sure we cleared the air as much as possible.

Over the weekend 3 of us got sick and I was worried that Ty was going to be sick to start school. Sickness means higher seizure alert, less sleep and more germs means more increase in seizures. So there are a few things we DO know to keep his seizures as limited as possible and getting sick is not on the list. But he seems fine!

We also got approved for Attendant care hours this last school year and we hadn’t been able to fill it. Over the summer I worked super hard to get all his therapy hours in and to hire enough help to fill his hours. We had it all worked out and our poor respite girl had a huge life changing thing, so we had to hire ANOTHER person to help. Today was her first day. I was able to shower, get dressed and do my hair before Ty left for school. When we feel better, I will be able to be up just a bit earlier to get to the gym. But it is nice to have that extra set of hands.

The only major glitch was the bus was late. We were all ready so we went ahead and just took him to school and flagged the bus down. He is the last one picked up and the first one dropped off. We are sad that Mr. Ray is not his driver. But he loved riding the bus on the way home.

Dropped Ty off and took him into his class. He immediately moved his chair to another friend. they were both so excited. I am not sure how they will do this year and if they will stay close. They will be pretty chatty. His class is small and has 11 kids. They have some great things that they will be doing this year and he loves school!

He took it upon himself to move his chair next to Daniel #secondgrade #friends #specialneeds #l#ilovehim  @kdbdallas

Grayson and I had a good nap, deep cleaned Ty’s room and did laundry. We did miss our brother but we got to watch something other than Daniel Tigers neighborhood. Oh and we played cars and airplanes!!

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