Monday, July 8, 2013

July 3 and 4

Two years ago we were doing everything in our power to get our child to STAY inside. Now days we are trying to keep him safe from normal toddler activities.

 Grayson had 2 nights where his fast little toddler fingers were burned. I grab him and threw him under the water but no one in Arizona has cold water coming out of their taps. So we had a sad and crying kiddo for a long long time.

We decided on the 4th that we would buy a small package of fireworks. We can’t take Tyler out to the Hot hot weather and the Tempe Lakes would be awesome. But he also can’t see. So we thought we would do small ones.

Ty was so excited. He talked about it all afternoon. We generally take out glow sticks and use those because he can see them and he gets excited about them. They also don’t burn anyone and he has fun. But this year he wanted ones that started on fire.

We did about an hours worth. And then we took our tired kids back to bed. I was proud of Tyler and how great he did.

Here are some photos we took.



And some light painting with Ty and his light sticks.


We would love to say that Grayson participated, but he liked the airplanes landing in front of the house at the airport. He burned his hand on the dreaded Sparklers.

Overall it was one of the best successful 4th of July’s ever. Ty had no meltdowns over sound. He enjoyed the small fireworks that he could see. He did great.

Grayson enjoys anything that lets him hang out with Tyler .He got his poor hnd hurt but othrwise he is good.

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