Monday, July 29, 2013

An iPad for Tyler

We have always been able to provide Ty with pretty much all the equipment that we have needed. We have had great insurance in Arizona and they cover some pretty awesome stuff. In Utah we had Shriner’s and they gave him a bike and our insurance finally covered an adaptive stroller. Though we owe a big old chunk o change for that, we still needed it and we felt the expense was worth it.

Brings us to now. Something we haven’t really publicly put out there, but we have finally had to face the reality that providing Ty with everything, including life, has put us in massive medical debt. To the point where we are not able to do anything about it but turn it over and say “ Here! Let’s do something.”

We need to buy a house. A one story house that has enough room for us. But we live in a 2 story for another year. As we were looking at how to purchase a house, we realized that with 75+thousand dollars looming on my credit that we will not be able to get one unless we do something drastic. The 75k is medical debt. All our other debt was taken care of when we lived in Arizona before. So we met with a lawyer and we have to file for bankruptcy. We are having to do a Chapter 13 where who ever wants a part of the pot, gets some but for the next 5 years we will be paying into our pot so that in 7 years... that is right, in 7 years we can buy a handicapped accessible house.

In the mean time, we need some help. Ty has used my iPad for several years. 99 percent of the apps on my iPhone and iPad are kid apps. We also have had a vision teacher that has taught Tyler how to utilize what he has and he can now use the iPad independently. He uses it to magnify his books. He can fully manipulate the Internet because he doesn’t have to use a mouse. He can play games on his own and he can change the TV and make choices about what he wants to do, without the help of us. He is also learning the Articles of Faith on the iPad by enlarging the scriptures so he can read them. This summer as he has been having seizures in which he has not been able to get some of his words out. He has had to spell words to get them out. A few of the words we have had him spell he has had them spelled out on the iPad.

Ty is also learning about money from the iPad. If he wants a app and it costs money, he has to earn it. He knows how much they are and what his chores are worth. He has to work hard at therapy, be polite to them and use his words when it is hard for him. He truly does work hard too!

#physicaltherapy for Ty this week. #tyhasawesomerespite she takes him each week. #ilovehim  #heworkshard #miracleshappen #cerebralpalsy

Independence is truly a HUGE thing for any child, but more so with a child with multiple issues. The idea that he can do things on his own is HUGE for him. He asks to do things on his own that are things he just can’t do. But he CAN do so many things with tools to help.

Tyler also uses the iPad to distract him when things are hard or scary. Recently, he had a EEG and the iPad was used to help him calm down during the procedure while they finished hooking him up to probes. He was so brave.



He uses the iPad all the time. Until recently..... like Friday recently.

A few months ago our little brother Grayson dropped the iPad and it cracked. It wasn’t a huge deal at the time because we can handle cracks on a screen. It still worked. The last few weeks the pieces of glass have been coming out and the hardware has been showing. Sadly, his brother got mad and dumped his bottle on it and milk came out and a few hours later the iPad stopped working.

We don’t have the extra funds to go buy him a new one and so we are turning to our friends and family and those in the community to help.

We started a Fundme page and are asking for any donations. Humbling as it is to have to ask, I know that my kiddo is going to be in the hospital in August for the seizures we have been having all summer. I know how hard it is going to be to be in a room for 3 days, hooked up to 100’s of probes. But without the iPad and his ability to get his point across, or escape into his own world to cope with what is happening to him, my heart is broken.

To those who have already donated, THANK YOU!! To those who can’t, we understand fully. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. To those who can’t, share with those you know in case they can.

Thank you in advance!

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