Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break-More stuff

We went to the spring break farm time at Superstition farms. We rode on hay rides, tried weird flavored milk, ice cream and feed the animals. We watched a cow have a baby, a 2 hour old cow and more! The best part was riding the horse!!

Oh, and the farm workers were and are amazing with Tyler. One remembered us from Santa days and came over to let him touch a chicken. He was in heaven!

 Ty rode and rode. But he had to have a hat on. HE was a awesome cowboy.
 Us on the hay ride.
 Our cow that wasn’t afraid of us.
 Grayson thought this was awesome!
 Feeding the lambs and goats
 Grayson and his ability to do whatever he wants!
 Ty walked on up to have the bunny lick him~
 The hen, they brought out for Ty to touch.

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