Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

We had spring break a few weeks ago. ( Ok almost a month ago!) Every time I sat down to write I would hate it, erase it and then go to bed. So now that MORE stuff has happened and I am behind here are some photos of our spring break.

Ty wanted to go down on his back but his legs were NOT having it. A few more scoots and he had it.
The play place was awesome. It was called playtopia. I was glad the boys had on matching shirts and were bright enough to see. It was hard to keep track of them.
Grayson is a bit... um daring. He will do anything that Ty does. He will also do anything he wants to do.
He is THE most determined kid I know. He tries SO hard. He is my hero!
And this kid, well he is a handful and we LOVE him. He is very independent, and very smart!
The love he has for anything that keeps him moving and life in general, makes me SO proud of him!
But this small bundle of energy is a crazy kid in disguise. The smile is deceiving.
Sweaty and hot, but happy and busy!

Before we made it to the park, we had a happy fun lunch with our dad at the Tempe Beach park. The boys fed the ducks instead of eating pizza. But Dallas and I enjoyed our delicious subways and sitting in the sun. Ty was determined that he was going to throw rocks but there wasn’t many. Next time we go, we will be bringing our own rocks.

Playtopia was a great place for us to go. I plan to take the boys back soon!

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