Friday, November 23, 2012

Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Our new bed time routine in Arizona has included a few books being read along with the flash cards of the 100 words most used in first grade. Ty does amazing with the words. He also gets to pick his 2 books and sometimes 3. He, if he got a high mark for the day, gets to watch the ipad with whatever he wants for about 20 minutes. But the book comes first.

I have never read him the Llama Llama series and I know he has read them at school but he chose this book at the book fair at school. We have noticed how excited he has been about Christmas so we have started reading this book, very regularly.

I really like this book. It really does ring in the new year with a twist of how a sensory person like Ty can’t handle the rest of the holiday. I don’t think that he catches on that little Llama, just can’t get a hold on the excitement which ends in a meltdown.

But the sweet Mama Llama make it all better.

Those who want to read it, do. It really is like how our life is when we do holidays. There is SOOO much anticipation that just a little bit happens and we are all done. Sometimes we melt other times we don’t.

So, Bring on the holiday....

Llama Llama Mamma!

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