Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Feast

A Thanksgiving Feast for just us! Full of Turkey, mushrooms and chicken nuggets. That’s right. Ty had pizza and chicken nuggets. Why must our food issues still plaque us!?!!

Ehh, who are we kidding. No one cares what you eat on Thanksgiving, it is what you do and what you are thankful for. 

This year we have a ton to be thankful for. Just a blog post doesn’t do it justice but we should be vocal with our thanks!

First and foremost we are thankful for each other. Tyler is amazing and wonderful and such a punk. He is learning and growing and doing the best he can. He is a strong person and is VERY resilient and very loving. He works so hard to do his best. We love him!

Grayson... Oh dear Grayson. He has been the tornado and life of the house the last year and a half. I can’t believe it was 2 years ago that we found out ( the day before Thanksgiving) that we were having a baby. He is the perfect little brother for Tyler. He adores the ground he walks on, claps when he tells silly jokes, kisses him in the morning when we are all packed tightly in my bed and just LOVES him. We are so happy he is ours and we are thankful that he is full of spunk. Some day he will grow out of the kisses but we love them.

Dallas. I can’t say enough about him. I am so thankful he is mine and how hard he works for us as a family. Sometimes, I have to drag him away from his computer. He is loving, caring. considerate and most of all, he is a great dad. I am so glad that I truly did marry my best friend.

I am thankful for the move to Arizona. Though it is lonely at times, it has been the best thing to have to rely on JUST each other. It is a nice feeling to realize that no matter what you can make it through everything because we have. In the years we have lived here we have gone through high employment, no employment, and just mediocre employment. But the benefits for our child are amazing. I love that he gets everything he needs that I could never possibly give him any place else.

We are thankful for Ty’s school teacher, Miss Crystal the sparkle nose. She has pushed him to the limit and we are so thankful for  that. He has done more in half a year than he did in most of LAST year.

We are thankful for our team of doctors for Ty and how much they do for us. We have a wonderful pediatrician and feel really lucky that we have always had one that cared for us, no matter what. Thanks to our Utah team and our Arizona team.

We are thankful for our family. We have had some major bumps in the road the last 3 years but we hope that this year will be even better than anyone can imagine.

We are thankful for our faith and our Savior. As we start this season, we are looking forward to all that we have been blessed with. To our friends and family, we hope this holiday season finds you amazing, happy and most of all blessed. 

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carly said...

Wesley had amazing services in AZ. When we moved to Utah, it was like pulling teeth to get him into a preschool or to get him services and doctors for EVERYTHING. I'm happy Ty has made such progress!