Sunday, November 18, 2012

 After a few comments and a dozen more in my inbox I am going to try and be back on the bandwagon. There are so many things that make this hard and good all at the same time.

So here is the quick stuff of what we have been up to with Tyler.

Tyler is doing amazing at school. This was probably the BEST thing that we have done for our family. The move it self has really been good on so many fronts. there has been some downfalls but his schooling and the option of schooling is amazing. His teacher has really pushed him and has really forced him to be independent. There is also a push at home for him to be independent.
Some things we have seen from the school front have been nothing short of a relief and a little bit of a miracle really. Because of his vision issues we have finally been noticing that we have some issues. Meaning, he really can’t see. It effects more than we had realized. But his school has been very accommodating. His day to day stuff is harder sometimes to accommodate but we do our best when we realize that something isn’t working for us. Tyler can read. He reads pretty dang well too. We know for sure that there is not just memorization, but he really can read. We are very proud of him and he does a good job. He LOVES spelling and loves letters and counting.

At home we are TRYING to make him more independent. The problem is, is his mom. Yep. It is me. I have done EVERYTHING for him for the past 7 years. I have always done it, will probably always do it and it s VERY hard for me to punish him and not do it for him. Plus he has a tendency to manipulate a situation if he needs/wants to. We call it the crippled kid syndrome. It happens with kids with disabilities and we have watched from afar those who have health needs that require much of a parents time. They tend to get away with SO much more than those who haven’t relied on their mom so much. But we are working on it. We have to follow through with punishments and we realize that Ty is not so much of an angel all time.

We LOVE our house and our neighborhood. There are 2 little boys that live next door and now that the  weather isn’t a furnace outside the boys spend all afternoon outside playing. This is where our other awesomeness comes in. Before we moved Ty was not able to ride his bike without a lot of help. With a  little motivation from his little neighbor friend Ty is a bike riding FOOL! He loves it and does really well. He rarely needs any help and much to my cringing, reminding and dragging he loves riding on the street. Lucky for us, we live on a “island” away from a main road and so we get little to no traffic  but the people who live on our street.

The weather is perfect right now and so we are outside a lot. Baby Grayson isn’t so much of a baby and tends to run away a lot. He loves to be outside and he loves to be in the water. He follows Tyler every where he goes. And he loves LOVES cars. He loves his dad and will miss him when he goes away next week.

Dallas and I are doing OK. The last 4 years of infertility and infertility treatments have really taken a toll on us. We are having to make a few choices that will affect us the rest of our lives and emotionally it makes me kind of a mess. But it will all be done in a month and after that there is no other options. We have been working on just us. Fixing what was broken through those years of painful treatments and times.

The move to Arizona has gotten us back to relying on each other. With the safe feeling of having all of Ty’s needs met with no questions asked has really made it worth it for us. We hope that things will continue to be a healing experience here and that things will gradually work themselves out to be as supportive as it  can possibly be for all of us. Plus, us being able to rely on each other and provide for Ty and Grays as best we can.

So there is the down low!! For now.
( Photos are just because I think my kids rock and no one likes to read a really boring blog post without something awesome to watch or look at!)

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Kim said...

You guys are an inspiration--every single member of your family. What a team. Love the update!