Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello my fellow blog stalkers!! We are BACK from our VACA. Not sure that it is a real VACA cause for me it was a LOT of work. But it was fun, sad, overwhelming, with a dose miscommunication and then some flying drama.  So here is a run down. I will see if I have a few photos but I didn’t even take my camera.

We left the warm old state of Arizona on Tuesday morning. I left my house in a MESS and was so thankful for Dallas getting all of it put back together( no matter the cost/effort/maid.. whatever!) We got there and got to be the LUCKY folks to be stopped and searched. It was the hardest security we have been through since coming back INTO America. Ty’s meds had to be tested and the dude kept trying to get Tyler to move and he couldn’t see where he was pointing. It was not overly pretty. BUT, the flight was awesome. We walked RIGHT to the gate, got on and flew to a tundra. Just kidding. It was actually really nice.

As we got closer to the gate and I could see Grandpa we moved over to the side of the entry, Ty heard grandpa the boy ( my dad) and got so excited. As soon as he was in sight, I don't know who moved faster... Grandpa or Ty.  Grandpa shed a tear or more! Off we went. Even Grayson had a good time. We went to see Aunt Nicky at work and headed to play at McDonald's for lunch.

After a few more errands we had a 2 hour drive. Poor Grayson was so over done by then. But when we got to Grandma’s we put together some toys, played  outside and played some more! We went to bed and got up and did it all again. The next day we had lunch with Grandma and played with the neighbor grand kids and Ty had the BEST time.

Thursday was a little more, physical for me. I totally tore out my parents flowers and the boys and I mowed the lawn and I went to the dump. It’s true. I, who hasn’t gone to the dump since I was like 10, went to the dump. It made me gag. It was gross. We then played at the park and played and played.

Friday we took off and went back up to the city. We invited all of Ty’s cousins to go to an indoor amusement park ( aka Hollywood connection) and he has talked about it for MONTHS. It has a roller coaster in it and he was so excited. Most cancelled or didn’t respond but we went anyway! It was a blast. Even Grayson enjoyed himself. The merry go round was exactly what he needed and wanted. I, however, got my fill of the roller coaster with Ty and after 9 times I was ready to lose my dinner. I think Ty went a total of 19 times and still wanted more.

We had a big old suite at the hotel my parents like to take the kids to and invited everyone ( EVERYONE!!) over. Ty and Grayson are crabby pant kids at night and my sweet water baby, Tyler hates going swimming right now. So my mom hung out in the main living area and Ty hung out in my king sized bed ( HOORAY!! Let me tell you after a week at my moms with a queen and both kids with me a king was like 9 beds in one!) ( no offense mom.. you don’t like kings)

The night was way to emotionally charged for me. As I was sobbing on the phone to Arizona and nursing my now sick babe, I was a wreck. There is so much miscommunication from everyone these days. We truly do NOT know how to communicate. It isn’t one sided. Meaning. like my mom, who can sometimes not communicate well, we did fine. I would listen respond and discuss. But this miscommunication was BAD. It was so bad, it spanned 2 states and 2 adult women in tears.  ( not my mom!) I was actually proud of them for sticking to the boundaries we had all set up and they took my kids out of the room when possible so I could talk without interruption and they were NOT involved in it unless I asked them to be. It was awesome. ( Thanks mom.. The boundaries were so appreciated)

The next day was the WHOLE true reason for the trip. My cute and awesome kidney getter, tubie eater, awesomeness and sweet boy Kayden was baptized. He asked me to say a prayer and I happily did. Turned out that his little buddy Tyler really wanted to, so we got Grandma and grandpa and aunt Nancy’s tears going right on the get go. And Tyler said the opening prayer. The baptism was awesome and Ty asked if it was his turn and got so sad when it wasn’t . We went back for the rest of the program and we were all in tears as this sweet kid got a wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost. He will need it for comfort in the coming months. They have a lot going on and I know if he uses the gifts he has been given he will be blessed.

After wards we had sandwiches and LOTS of laughs, mostly in expense of my expanding bum ( boo to being chubby_!) and all in good fun. I miss my sisters. We laugh and have a good time at the expense of each other without crossing that line. It was a good day.

With MORE miscommunication and more tears, we left with Nicky and had a sleep over. Had a dinner at friends home and they truly are ones that I just love love love to death. Amy and Todd took care of Dallas so many times so that I could marry him. Amy hated me but now, neither one of us will ever be able to live without each other. She is my hero is so many ways.

After dinner we went to Nicky’s house and slept over. Ty slept in his own bed. Nicky graciously gave me hers and I was sooo thankful. We woke up, went to eat breakfast. We are hoping to put in a plan for Nicky that will make her have an awesome year next year and one that we can laugh and point fingers over. It was interesting to see just what has been going on with her. She sure had a web of crap before we left and now it is a web of working on it. And the crap is all gone.. WHO KNEW!! She loves my kids and I love watching them with her. I love that Ty is never in trouble for calling her Nicky poo.

Nicky reluctantly( cause that meant we were leaving) took us to my in laws. She as so sad and didn’t want me ( ok she could have cared less if I went) or the boys to go. She was kinda sad when we left but she seemed ok later. We hope that for her birthday/Christmas/ when she gets her money together ( or that big old bonus huh poops!)  that she will want to come see us... at our summer house... right Nick!

Sunday left a lot to be desired. I was so thankful to get on a plane and come home to my summer house. And enjoy getting off and into 93 degree weather and see my sweet hubby. Our plane ride was rough. The boys did awesome. The lady in the chair in front of me and Grays got VERY angry at Grayson. he kept touching her chair and she gets severe motion sickness and I needed to keep him still. Instead of being mean I ended up nursing for 50 full minutes on a 80 minute flight. With out being home Grayson has been nursed up t 7 times a day. But this just took the cake. Every time he latched and re latched I cried. I have NEVER hurt so bad in my life. I was so glad to be back on Burning hot soil again!. Never to nurse that many times in a day again!

The bitter sweet part, I feel I left in a time where I really need to be there for a few people. That I need to be strong and help in any way that I can. But at the same time, I can’t be there physically because I would not be emotionally able to help. Utah takes a lot out of me mentally, so at least here I feel that I am of sound mind and not insane.

Back home has been wonderful. The boys were great today. Ty goes back to school tomorrow. I get to start getting some naps in and a few friends talked me int to running a 5k in January. It is a walk/ run and my goal is to at least run. But I hope fire fighters are out there putting out the fire when my thighs starts a fire from rubbing together.

Overall, awesome trip, awesome friends, awesome family who took the time to come see us, and awesome example of a sweet boy who just wants to do what is right!

I will try and find photos. Sorry. I Hate posts with no photos.


Grandma Labrum said...

Ruanne was sad that she didn't remember you were here, or that we didn't call her. She said she would have loved to have seen the kids. Guess I should have forgotten my selfishness and shared the boys with others :) Thank you so much for the good time and the good talks. I think we all needed it. Wish all things would have gone better for you and hope things get better as time passes.

Grandma Labrum said...

That DARN "prove you're not a robot' thing is so annoying when I have bad eyes. I can't tell the letters that are all jumbled up together! And then there is that blurred little number. I bet a robot could do better at reading and typing it than I can. It took 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 yes 5 TRIES for the first comment. How many do you think this one will take?