Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyler

Tyler turned 7 on the 21st ( WHAT!! It is October) and we had a wonderful little birthday party for him. Basically from the time we moved here he has planned his party. Let’s be honest, since Grayson had his own birthday, we have had Ty planning his own party. A month ago we went to the store and got a “Recipe book” ( aka the photo book of all the cakes) and he chose what one he wanted. Then we talked about the party.

He was determined to have a bowling party with party games. Turns out, we didn’t do the party games ( Oh shucks) and we just had a bowling party instead. We called around to the bowling alley’s and got one of them to just let us bowl without buying one of the parties. After some drama before we got the party started, we were ready to bowl. We ordered pizza and had cake and went home.

During the day, Grayson and I had taken cupcakes to Ty’s class and we opened presents with Ty when he got home. He loved opening all the gifts from his Aunts and uncles and his FAVORITE was the phone calls at the end of the night. I think he broke his face when he heard the kids on the other end.

His birthday’s bring up a wide range of emotions for me. Some I can’t ever explain to ANYONE. It brings up infertility emotions, mommy guilt, and just plain sadness, but the joy that we have for having Tyler in our home is one that we can’t duplicate. He is such a crazy, happy, loud, awesome kid.

So here are all the photos from his day.

Ty got a microphone ( to replace the other 2 he has broken) that makes his voice sound like Mickey Mouse.

He got several books, including a big book of boo boo’s from his Grandma the old Lady. He uses his crayons on this Elmo book and on the big book of boo boo’s.

And no celebration would be complete if there wasn’t a movie ( or 3! Thanks Barrett)
Ty couldn’t have a party without pirate stuff either. And a HUGE step in Sensory processing for Tyler, ALL of his toys TALK!!
Ty clapping for his friends at the bowling alley.
One of Ty’s friends that came to his party. And YES that girl that is staring, she stared the WHOLE TIME. She was nice but she stared. Ty gave this boy a few hugs when he did good at bowling. Thanks to his dad that stayed and helped out. They were SO nice.
Ty and our friend Mason. He was just learning how to bowl. He did a great job and is pretty darn cute.

He was having such a good time. He was so happy and so loud.
Dad had the hardest job of all. Keeping babe entertained. Here he is sporting a pizza face.
Ty’s cake. He wanted an Elmo one like Graysons but they didn’t know how to do it. So this is what he got instead.
Seriously, I thought the little boy was going to snag that whole cake. He was so excited.

He blew out his own candles. He had a 7 candle and one that said Tyler. He loved it. And had a great time.


The Henrys said...

What a great party! He looks so happy!

I bet that woman was staring because she couldn't get over how cute the boys were and she was just jealous that they were having so much more fun than she was!

Madeleine said...

Happy late Birthday Tyler. Looks like you had a ball.

Your far away friend, Spencer

Melissa said...

Oh sweet Tyler!!! Can't believe he is 7! He looked sooo happy at his party. I know how that feels to be able to see your sweet miracle boy that happy~!