Monday, July 9, 2012

We Needed A Break

The  WHOLE week of the 4th that was incredibly insane.  Saturday we were talking to Dallas’ sister about possibly moving and later that night we got an email letting us know that our lease was up. That put us in "look at houses” mode and go to fast Sunday and see how we felt about it. After our prayers that night we got a list together of houses and I set off emailing the ones we liked.

We were given hope of having one of our first choices if Dallas left for Arizona on Tuesday, which would make him miss the Fourth of July festivities. We had planned to do the traditional Brown family parade watching in Murray and a BBQ at his sisters. So I got to be single mom.

On Dallas’ way down to Arizona, we had to run a few errands. As I was changing a big kid bum, little bum decided to try his “skill” and we heard a Crash, bang and a cry. Grays fell down the stairs. I was mid bum and finished it up and Grays stopped crying when I picked him up. We went about our errands and came home.

I put Grayson down in the house when we got home and he tried to crawl towards the food and he kept collapsing and fussing a little. I thought “ Your kidding, I broke my kid!” I called my brother ( a doctor) sure that over the phone he could pinpoint the tragedy ( if there was one.) But in reality, I knew that it was probably broken and we needed to go in.

My besties, once again, saved me. I took off to the Insta care while Ty hung out with Steph and Jordan. Oh I am going to miss her! And took off. We waited a while but we got an ex- ray and sure enough, right at his wrist, he broke his little arm. A soft cast was put on my cute, little baby and off we went.

Poor kid. He sure is a little guy and I as so sad.

No worries. He is not sporting a blue cast in which he is amazing at a left hook and has already bloodied at LEAST one nose.

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Chantel said...

Poor baby! I will be AMAZED if Isaac makes it without a broken bone :) I hope all is going well with the move! I sure LOVE your new place!